Has anyone had connection issues between these two? My device worked fine until I switched from Verizon. Actually, none of my outside devices worked at first (printer, fire stick…) until I went to into each of their settings window and found the connection from there.
Canary doesn’t have a settings page and I am being sent back and forth between Optimum and Canary…each saying the issue is not on their end. Troubleshoot chat with canary was over an hour long and they couldn’t solve. Many conversations with optimum and they couldn’t either. Please don’t say switch back to verizon or just use the ethernet, neither are an option.We’ve tried all the standard solutions.
Just want to know if anyone else uses optimum, if they had issues, and how did they solve them.


Hey there,

I am a little confused about what you are asking. Canary’s app does have a settings page within the app that would allow you to disconnect and re-connect your device to your new connection. However, I assume that was shared with you on the chat you had with support

So can you explain a little more about exactly where the difficulty is? Are you having trouble with the device staying connected? If so, have you tried using the 2.4GHz channel rather than the 5GHz channel on your router? Does it change if you are closer to the router? Or if this is something else that is going on, can you explain that a bit more?