Option to turn off audio recording (record video only)

I was wondering if there is any word or prospect of this feature being updated soon?? We have a flex facing outside but it is in our living room. We keep it recording 24/7 now since someone rammed my car causing over $4,000 in damage but since we had it off when we were at home, we didn’t catch who did it. The only issue is, it picks up all the audio, and who feels comfortable knowing someone can listen to what you’re doing or saying anytime they check the cameras?

Where is the microphone?? I’d like to try your ban aid solutionn but was the microphone is internal and not one speaker


The harassment is taken place at my condo,
My next door who wants to harass me from out side with loud voice was recorded, and now she is threatening me with law suit as the WA has the wire tap law, and police officer told me I cannot use the audio recording device.
To support users in these states, Canary must have the audio on off option or must have a sign on the package, so that people d know before they get sued.