Options for Home/Away/Night when did that change? There should be separate settings for all


I could swear that I used to be able to have separate settings for Home Away Night modes. Now I have settings for Home and Night. I don’t record when I am “home” but when I am “away” I don’t want to have to change my home privacy setting. It should have a setting that when I click on “away” or when the app notices I have left home, the record/message automatically goes into affect.

Let’s add to the change in TOS where it states I cannot sell my Canary? Why not? Why is it that if I sell it that the new owner will not be able to use it and it locks them out?


Hi @Linjmarino,

Your Canary will always set to record and send you alerts when you manually switch to Away mode, or when it detects you leave home if you’re using the automatic mode switching feature. When you manually switch to Home mode or it detects you as home, it will set itself to private, completely shutting off the microphone and camera.

Locations with Membership also have the option to customize their Home mode to record with or without alerts, and have access to a scheduled customizable Night mode.

As for the no resale policy, to be clear this is intended for people reselling used units as a retailer. In other words, retailers should not be selling used Canary units. If you as an individual wish to transfer ownership of your own used Canary that is ok. Just make sure you remove it from your account first or the new user won’t be able to install it. You can find steps to do this on our Help Center:

How do I remove and deactivate a Canary?

I hope that clarifies things, please let me know if not and I’m happy to explain further!


new update taken away my night mode when i used it every day if i knew you would taken it away i wouldnt have updated to new firmware you gave night mode to everyone

when you brought talk mode in ok you had to be a memeber from launch ok i understand that

but to take away night mode which from day 1 to everyone to members only THATS NOT FAIR

i really loved my all in one and was going to buy the flex but taking away night mode has p_ _ _ me off

and also recommanded loads of my friends to get one but now i dont think i will if your going to take things away that you offered for free from launch

one of the reason i but this for me and specially for my mum when she goes to bed night mode was perfect

i thought my canary was broken when i came down stairs to see there was no light on my all in one carnary