Original Canary - Blinking white


My (original) Canary has had the white light blinking underneath for quite a long time now, although I’m still getting notifications in the app about people arriving / leaving home.

I’ve seen a Twitter post where someone mentioned it means the device is updating, so I’m hesitant about turning it off and on.

Can someone help explain what this blinking white light means please, and if I need to do anything, as I’ve seen descriptions of other flashing / solid light colours on the Canary website but not this scenario.



Update: After 6.5 hours I decided to unplug it. I left it unplugged for about 2 hours and after plugging it back in it appears to be working again.


@AndyM Glad to hear your Canary’s working again. We’re currently working on a light guide for the original Canary for help.canary.is that should be of more help in the future.

Blinking white light can mean different things depending on the speed of the blinking.

Slow blinking white means it’s trying to connect to your network.

Fast blinking white can mean your device is in the process of connecting with the Canary Cloud, but it can also mean that your device can’t establish a local connection or a connection with our servers if the light pattern persists for an extended period of time.

The following gifs should help illustrate what is considered “slow” and “fast”: