Outdoor Mounting


I am trying to mount my canary flex at my front door but am trying to mount it high enough so it’s not just in a easy grab and rip off the wall but when I mount it too high I can’t get the canary to face down far enough to see the person standing at my door I can get it to position down to where they can come on the step but then while at the door they are not there so that leaves me to have to bring it down to easy snatch off the wall level. Any ideas from anyone?


In the bottom of the Canary there is an opening that you can mount a 1/4-20 threaded screw into. I would suggest using something that you might mount a GoPro or something like that and attach it via that location. That’s what I do and have had great success.


Check out the Secure Mount for the Flex, available direct from Canary. Initially, I hesitated at the $29.99 price, but to me it’s well worth it. From my perspective it is very well designed in terms of; meeting the need for securing the Flex, allowing for easy adjustment of the camera angle after installation. It also integrates well with the Flex in terms of appearance. Installation was easy as well. After attaching a mounting plate with the provided wood screws, the Secure Mount attaches to the mounting plate with a recessed hex-head screw. The Flex itself also attaches to the Secure Mount with a hex-head screw. A hex-head tool is also provided.


Thanks so much for the suggestion I’ll try it.


Yes I was using that mount but it took me awhile but I had to not think about mounting it so straight as I turned it sideways and then moved the camera into posturing and now I’m able to see my full walkway and door.