Phantom Video Error Message


I had some initial communication with Canary support in January on what they described as a “Phantom Video” (see email and screen print below). Since I cannot find other postings on this issue here and since it still happening to me, I thought that I would seek current input from Canary and to see if others are encountering the same problem.

Here is the email I received in January:

"Lisa (Canary)
Jan 16, 8:52 AM EST

Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to Canary. I hope that you are keeping well.

There will typically need to be 10 minutes of inactivity before motion constitutes another event and sends you another notification. However, all the footage from you entering and leaving the room should be captured in the videos on your timeline.

With respect to the issue you’re seeing with error messages for videos, this looks like it is due to a bug that some customers are experiencing with the iOs version of the app. While one of your Canary devices is recording, it creates a video like normal but then it also shows a “phantom” video from the other device. Although you see the thumbnail of a video, there isn’t a video on our end which is why you are noticing that error. If you attempted to download the video, you would notice that the video that would be downloaded would be the one linked to your other device. Please note that this doesn’t actually impact the second Canary’s functionality. Whenever the second Canary actually does see motion, it works normally. Our engineers are aware of this issue and are expecting to resolve it in an upcoming app update.

If you have any further queries or there is anything else I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me again.

Have a great day!

Lisa M.

Canary Customer Experience"

Here is a screen print of the error message stating “Error - Unable to play video - Please try again later”:


Dave, I also have a ticket open for this issue which like you mentioned happens daily and its also occurring in the Android App with the slight difference that the error popup is never shown. Thanks for sharing,


This is a sporadic issue that some customers see from time to time. We have engineers actively working on getting to the bottom of it.



I’m experiencing this today.

Super frustrating because I get a push notification saying there’s motion activity, but cannot watch the video.


I’ve been a Canary owner for almost 2 months and experience this often. Curious if you have more than one device? I have the AIO and two Flex. I’d get the same popup for one device, but would need to swipe left to see the video captured on another device.