Phone App Problem


I installed a Canary at condo in Fl and working fine when I left. Today I installed a Canary at NJ location. Had both locations working, but was trying to obtain pings to phone for the NJ location. Know I was going back and forth checking the settings for the two locations. Now when I tap my phone app which I thinks now looks different (it is a white square with the C in black) all I am getting is a very faint image at the Fl location and it is not a live shot…nothing else is available.


Update…just passed by camera at NJ location and my phone pinged, but I am unable to access the Canary app on my phone…still the faint old image at the Fl location which is not a live shot.


Hi @PhotoPat,

Just to clarify, is the problem at present that when you try to open Watch Live for your Florida Location, you’re not able to pull up an image? Are you able to view live video for the Canary in New Jersey? Could you take a screenshot of what happens when you try to load Watch Live?


This morning…all is well. Guess my phone needed a rest.