Plans for Canary under new ownership

Now that Canary has been under new ownership for a few months is anyone able to share what the plans are for the product going forward?

I’ve invested into the platform with 1x all in one and 2x Flex plus annual membership each year, because the product and service was good and under active development. Things seem to have stopped for the past year and many of the competition have taken over in regards to features.

The stability of the service hasn’t been great of late, and I’d like to add one further outdoor camera but have little confidence to lock myself in further to the brand without some reassurances of the future of the platform, eg a product roadmap at the least.


Almost 3 weeks and not a single Canary response to the above question. Silence speaks volumes, worryingly.


Thanks for the followup and apologies for the delay in responding to this thread. We’re looking to improve our activity on Community and other forums moving forward.

While I don’t have any specifics that I can share in regards to a future product roadmap, I can tell you that we have some things in the works that we are very excited about.

Additionally @sipuncher, I’d like to learn more about the stability issues you’ve been encountering. From our perspective our system is in the most stable state it has been in the history of Canary, and if there are specific issues you’ve been encountering we’d love to help address them.

If you’d prefer to discuss outside of Community please send an email over to and reference this post. I’d be happy to assist.



Thanks for the reply. Good to hear that you’re looking to engage more with your customers, I’m sure everyone will appreciate this.

When will the company be in a position to share the plans for new features? If the plans are good, this will only be good for business for new customers, and give confidence to existing ones, so would make a lot of sense to share. I’m still in the position where I’m not willing to invest further into the product without knowing there is a healthy plan roadmap of development and new features ahead.

My stability issues are only the same as others have posted on here - delays in notifications, some activities not firing at all, activity split in two for no clear reason, some gaps in recordings. None of these things happen every time, but they all happen frequently enough to reduce confidence in the product as a security device.

I’m encountering one right now. My living room has reported offline three times tonight, the dining room once. No offline events from the den canary. I have had exactly zero issues with my internet. I’m streaming an NBA game and updating files on two servers (Oregon and L.A.) every second. Your status page is showing zero issues.


Hey Jkline, All 3 of my canaries (1 pro, 2 flexes) have all gone offline tonight and will not come back on. I’ve reset my router and all 3 cameras, but no luck. I’m assuming the Canary Cloud is having an issue but they just haven’t updated the status.

Canary is now reporting the outage. It isn’t rocket science to detect these outages and report them.

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Hey @sipuncher

Thanks for your reply. I completely understand your viewpoint on being hesitant to invest further without knowing more about a future product roadmap. I wish I could provide a time-frame as to when we’ll be ready to share our upcoming endeavors, but we’re not quite ready to announce yet. As soon as we are we’ll be sure to send out the communication to our customer base.

In regards to the issues you described, I’d be happy to get you in touch with one of our senior technical support representatives so we can learn a bit more as to exactly the issues you described and see what can be done to get them resolved.

@jkline and @KingTofu - Unfortunately as you saw, we did have an issue last night that caused a subset of devices to fall offline. We’re always looking to update our status page as soon as possible when these issues occur, but unfortunately it took us a bit longer than normal to identify there was a wide spread issue last night. We will definitely be evaluating our processes to help reduce this delay moving forward.

OK, will hold on for a few more months before I make any decisions. You’ve hyped up these announcements now though so I’m expecting big things!

I’ve spoken to support in the past, and have others on the forum reporting the same issues and they still persist. They aren’t unique to me or my setup so it’s not worth me contacting them again.

And the problem Canary always puts the blame some how on the customer be it your phone must not be working or it’s your router issues or something that they have you try a million things that still doesn’t permanently fix the issues. I’m getting sick of all the issues I’ve been having.

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Yes, we customers should set up a third-party monitoring and public reporting system. If I recall correctly, there are some site/systems that offer this for free, at least in terms of http[s]/ping uptime.

(The homepage [Correction: help home page —] currently says partial outage but I can’t find any details (at least not easily with just my phone) ! [Update: now I can click on it and this page opens:]

Worse, the thread I started TWO weekS ago has zero replies.

Sean - any update on these announcements you referenced? The competition is innovating at pace leaving Canary looking like a very unloved platform.

I can’t see many new customers being attracted to Canary (it’s no longer stocked in the major stores it used to be in the UK) and existing customers such as those on the forums here will be considering alternatives if some clarity isn’t provided very soon.

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Hey @sipuncher,

Thanks for reaching out!

Since I last posted we did launch the Canary View product into the UK market which we were all extremely excited about. We’ve seen some great reception with the Canary View in the UK as well since then.

We are very excited about some other projects we’re currently working on, but unfortunately I’m still unable to share any details at this time. Hopefully in the not too distant future we can begin sharing some additional details and teasers as to what’s to come.

In the meantime thanks for your continued support and interest in Canary!


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Hi Sean,
I am a user of Canary since starting on Kickstarter. One of the point why i bought this camery is that it hides very well even when it stands in front of you. Nobody realized that this i a security device. Meanwhile this is a long time ago, we had to face additional costs for videos download and so on. So what do i miss since then:

  • ability to save videos local instead of cloud means more privacy

  • open api, means more privacy and ability for automations with homeassistant for example

  • Homekit integration

I miss development in this directions, i have seen a lot of request but nothing happens afterwards. The only reason why i keep my pro is the design nothing more and i have to admit that i dont believe that you do the necessary steps.

Regards from a more and more disappointed user


Good to hear this, looking forward to seeing what is coming up.

I hope that the upcoming updates are also communicated via the Canary blog as I would guess that would reach a wider customer base. I was surprised that the acquisition by smartfrog wasn’t me ruined via that communication channel hence creating this thread