Plans for Web App?


Any plans to create a web app to view/stream the Canary video/audio?


Download Videos via PC
Need Computer Access

Hey @wa.ellis, we’ve received a lot of requests for a web app. Would you be able to go into a little detail about what you’d like to see in a web app? We want to make sure we’re solving the right problems, and the more specific the feedback, the more insight that gives us.


Ive been waiting eons for a web app too!

Of course, all the features available on the current iOS and Android app should exist, but one specific thing this web app should have is the feature of downloading videos with TIMESTAMPS. This can be helpful in the case law enforcement & courts need additional evidence concerning time to straighten out or deny alibis.

Perhaps sometime the mobile app can include timestamps… maybe before a web app even comes into existence.


I absolutely agree on this: the ability to download the videos directly to my computer (along with timestamps) would have saved me a LOT of time when sharing a video. Initiating the download request, waiting for the video to be available, saving it to dropbox, downloading from dropbox to my computer, then being able to share the video with an authority was a time sink.


Even though I have my phone on me or near me most of the time, I spend the majority of my time on a PC. Because of this, I would find it much more convenient to check out what’s going on at the house or receive a notification via browser notification, than check my phone (which is on vibrate most of my working day).

The primary things I would like to see

  • Bandwidth or resolution speed adjustment, .i.e., 0.5Mbps - 5.0.Mbps or 480 - 1080
  • Web Browser Notifications (same mobile notifications)
  • View Single Screen or Split Screen

Those are thing first things that come to mind. Other things such as the Air/Humidity/Air Quality overlaid on each screen would be a plus. And of course the standard mobile app functions such as managing and downloading videos as well.


Split screen option to view Watch Live for several cameras at once
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I agree and think a web-app would be useful, but given that the device is focused on security this should be top priority with accessing (and potentially controlling) Canary via a non-mobile web-app.

Most of the things I would like to see is variable quality videos, timestamping videos, and overlaying homehealth data, and downloading videos directly to PC at full quality. I agree with @starbum that a simpler path to download would be nice. iOS’s limitations on local storage can make download of a video a pain, as it HAS to be saved to a cloud service (iCloud, Dropbox, Drive, etc)


Let me provide a different perspective. One of the reasons that I liked the Canary vs other security products is because it did NOT offer a web interface. I feel that by only offering a phone or tablet application, a company can better focus on the security of the data within that application.

A web-based portal is at the mercy of any bugs in any one particular browser, man-in-the-middle attacks, or unknown holes in the common internet transport protocols. There are even websites dedicated to hacked web-connnected cameras. So as a company, if you go this route, you then have to dedicate new resources to maintaining a web application in addition to apps on Andriod or iOS, and then additional resources to monitor the constant attempts to attack it through the web. I think the introduction of the Canary Flex is in part a result of the company not having to dedicate resources to develop a web interface and secure it.

I find the Canary application fairly easy to use. Saving and sending a video from the app is extremely easy to me and I can do it from anywhere, even when I’m planted in front of a desktop. But the app does have quirks that I think could still use refinement.

I completely understand why people would want a web portal to their Canary’s, but for me, I’d rather see those resources focused on new products, features, and enhancements.


@dsvogel1 Really insightful, thank you!


Hey Pete, I really do hope that the team is working on a web app or Windows 10 UWP app (Use Ring as an example). It would make Canary even more awesome.


It would be nice to be able to live view from my Canary’s at my desktop. I operate from several desktops and a web based version would be great.
But as mentioned, it may be a problem since any and everything that a hacker can get into, they will try. It should be possible though. I have a number of financial sites that I visit regularly from Windows based machines that I have funds in and I’ve never had a problem.


Hey @ryclar, sorry for the late reply here but exported videos do include timestamps! They are embedded in the subtitle track of the video. All you need to do is play using a video player that supports subtitles (i.e. VLC) and enable the track.

Thanks to the rest of you for the helpful feedback!



Thanks for the feedback, @ale2999. I don’t have any specific updates, but it’s a frequently requested feature. I’d recommend “liking” the original post so our Product team can gauge interest at a glance.


I think a web app (or service) is a great idea. To alleviate some security concerns, how starting with a web interface accessible only on your local network? The canary is a IP device sitting on my local network. Ever since it came out, I have been perplexed why a feature has not been added to access the video stream from my home network. This feature is available on basically every other IP camera on the market. (HTTP, RTSP, etc). I could finally incorporate the canary video feed into the software that monitors the rest of my security cameras. Similar devices like Nest and Dropcam include generic RTMP streams that can be picked up on a local network. Thanks.


No web interface was exactly the same reason I liked the Canary vs other security products too.


This device is usless without Internet Computer Access. Having it use Aps on your Cell Phone is just stupid because it uses up Cell Phone battery life to quickly. I had to quit using the Cameras alltogether just because they were killing my phone. Without having computer access to the cameras they are usless to me and I purchased both models…what a wast of money :angry:


Hi @Greg-Anaheim,

I went ahead and merged your topic in to our existing feature request thread for web app, hope you don’t mind!

I can see why a web app would really help you out if you’re using your cameras heavily enough that the app is draining your battery that rapidly. Would you mind going into a little more detail about how you use the app and what kind of features you’d like to see in a web app that would make Canary really work for you?


The problem is for the App to work right its constently running on your phone and runs the battery down if your actually using it to watch your home or check on your kids. Another issue is the actual live feed to your phone really sucks and is sluggesh and locks up. Having it set to stream to a computer App would be much better as most people at work or home have access to computers which would save the problems with data streaming on your phone. Then using the Phone App just for when your on the go and need to check things. But I get it…Having the Cameras stream to a Computer App might dig into your Memberships if people can save the streams to their own computers instead of having to use your memberships to store streams…


Having the Watch Live feed load slowly or freeze suddenly is certainly not normal. Have you tried submitting a ticket to our support team? They can take a look at the logs for your account and help make suggestions on how to troubleshoot the issue or improve performance.


Canary is a beautifully designed Home Security system. The reason I purchased this product is that I stand for Brands that I see something special, a extra spark. With Canary I feel that spark. Thinking outside the box is what makes a competitor stand above the rest. I would love to see what you all can do with the existing hardware you have as well as maybe create more accessorries to enhance the original product.

  1. Camera - video-stills-slow motion- zoom- quality -export to 1080-720-480- -record in lower resolution for internet users in rural areas. Or even have a option to take photos instead of streaming video when motion is detected every 1-5 seconds for a lock period of 5 minutes (user customizable) when motion is detected if motion is then continued with in the 5 minutes it will reset the counter and continue taking photos.
  2. Motion sensor - add more detail to how big the object moving is…which side or area of the room motion was detected based on where its placed
  3. Speaker- two way audio addition
  4. Mic-what decibel range and frequency the sound is in- giving detail to what the noise could be-animal-human voice- music- even subscripts of what words could be said.
  5. Temperature Gauge dramatic increase or decrease of temperature alert-
  6. A Light that changes colors- user customizable options for what color the light is-and for whats reason.
  7. Night vision- add on accessory to have a stand that can rotate-if placed by a window in home mode monitor strange activity outside (neighborhood watch) by automatically rotating based on location - offer battery backup - enhance mic ability- ability to rotate camera from the app
  8. A application designed for computers Mac and PC that allows the same security as the iOS app for detailed analysis and consistency of video-audio-tempature-humidity- adding even more reasons why canary is the best security system - people love detail it makes something cool magnificent.

Thanks for listening - I am excited for the future of Canary.