Plans for Web App?


I know how do watch videos via iPhone but is it also possible to watch videos via my Safari Browser and download it on my iMac? Thanks for support!


You can’t watch live or download video from a web browser but it looks like this is a popular request:


This is one of my most desired features. As someone that works in an office setting and has access to a computer (limited cellphone access available), this would help me with monitoring my household greatly.

If done properly without forfeiting user security, I believe this could be a very useful feature that could send Canary further upwards.


Lack of a web app is definitely frustrating. It’s extremely tedious scrolling through every individual alert on the mobile app. Ability to view Live Feeds (and more than 1 at a time) via the web app would definitely allow for easier monitoring while at work, etc.


I am able to watch canary live video using my computer and the chrome browser. I added the Arc Welder plugins to run android apps under windows. Then I got the canary apk and it works perfectly to watch live on my windows computer.


I would be satisfied with a Windows app exactly like the iPhone app. I can’t keep an eye on my Canary for long periods of time because it drains my phone battery and eats up my cellular data. Lack of computer access is probably the worst thing about Canary.


Hm, just a thought: most of the attack vectors you mention apply to the current implementation as well: bugs in the app, internet transfer protocol, MitM. The fact that it’s “only an app” is no protection. In the end it’s still SaaS, and you have to rely on a 3rd party to keep your stuff safe. As it’s all proprietary, we don’t have a simple way to do an audit ourselves. I’m a linux user, and so I’d love to see a web-based way to access my device (rather than an OS-specific solution), or optimally, a completely cloud-independent solution, although I realise this is not part of Canary’s business model.

For the Canary people: One reason for wanting a web-based solution is longevity and portability: none of us know how support will be available for apps, or for how long the current mobile phone platforms will exist. Say I don’t buy a new phone every 2 years and end up with a 5 year old phone. A likely scenario will be that Canary will require a newer version of Android, forcing me to buy a new phone. A secure website seems to be a simple way around this issue: A secure HTML5-based website would ensure functionality across platforms (android, ios, os x, linux, windows, …) and simplify development. I presume the apps already use half of these technologies (i.e ssl).


I just tried this on linux (manjaro openrc) and amazingly it works. It was not a fun experience to obtain the APK though, and it’s not really a convenient solution. Nonetheless, thanks for the tip!


I don’t have a Canary Device, I’d Like one but I won’t waste my money until I can access it from my Windows 10 Desktop.


Hi all, we appreciate all the feedback and comments that have been posted on this board. We’re happy to announce that Desktop Streaming and video entries are now available on the web with Membership - here are some more details. Give it a shot!


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if I pay for the membership, will I be able to integrate the feed into my Xeoma management software?


Web browser access is a requirement. I am cost comparing for security camera products, Since I cannot find out the membership cost without already being a member, I can only assume that the membership cost which is needed for web browser access cost me $2950.00 a year. That makes your product cost we too much.


Hey @rwgreene999!

We have information regarding our Membership and all of it’s benefits as well as pricing here. The cost for Membership is $9.99/month or $99/year and it does include the ability to view your video feeds through a web browser via our web app.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll be happy to answer!

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