Please add filter to view just videos with Notifications sent


Please add filter to view just videos in Timelinw with Notifications sent.


Hey @BobW,

Thanks for the feedback, just to clarify, you’d like a toggle switch or something similar that would remove all videos that are recorded while you are home (for example) and notifications are not being sent?


Thanks for the feedback @BobW. Timeline filtering is an area we are planning on improving in the future.



Thanks for checking. I’m interested in a button on top of the timeline that will filter to show only videos that had a Notification sent. This would be similar to the existing filter on timeline that only shows Bookmarked videos and can toggle between just Notification videos and all videos. This feature would be very helpful as I scroll through Timeline to be able to just see videos where Notifications were sent. As it is currently, I have to look for the small Notification Icon below each video to determine if I have to watch.

It would be good to have this feature on iOS devices. Additionally, it would be good to have this feature when viewing on my Mac AND to have Notification Icon when viewing videos on Mac.