Please make Canary the best device out there!


I love my Canary all-in-one, but have a few critiques/suggestions. The number one reason I chose Canary over one of the many, and several less expensive competitors, was the built in alarm. However I was disappointed to learn that I had to manually activate the alarm, which is entirely useless if I don’t have cell service or my phone on me. After reading your support board, it seems that this is a pretty common complaint. I would love if you would release an update that allows the alarm to automatically sound when motion is detected. This could be further improved if a user-definable delay and duration could be set.

I was also disappointed to learn that the accelerometer advertised on the box did absolutely nothing. My last suggestion is to utilize the 3-axis accelerometer to sound the alarm and send a notification if the device is picked up, moved, or otherwise tampered with. Again, a sensitivity threshold would be ideal to prevent false alarms from more subtle vibrations.

With just a few improvements you could easily have the most competitive and fully featured device in it’s class. A true all-in-one home security and monitoring system.



I’d like to see Canary move to the next level as an alarm by having
O a choice from:

  1. The current single notification and chirp at ten minute intervals.
    To -
  2. A choice to match text message notification and chirps where a single activity continues notifying until viewed.
    I missed activity while overseas on vacation because of the time difference and when arising, too sleepy to notice earlier activity.
    Best regards,