Power over Ethernet (PoE)


One of the features I would like to see with indoor Canary cameras is the ability to use Power over Ethernet. Either 24v or 48v. I’ve patched Cat5e throughout the house and have my cameras sitting in places that don’t have power. So, I’d like to see a version released with the ability to use PoE. That would solve the problem of having to run power and outlets to places where they currently aren’t available. This would open op the cameras to more placement options.

PoE (power over ethernet) Cameras


Thanks for the idea! A quick question for you, what drives you to use ethernet over your WiFi connection? I use my devices solely over WiFi and have had great success at three different locations using 3 different internet services, do you find your WiFi to be unreliable or is there another reason that you choose to use ethernet?



Hi Zev,

The Ethernet versus WiFi preference is simply a preference. I simply prefer wired connections for stationary devices. I don’t have any wireless problems or anything like that. Actually, the only problem I have with my network involves NAT and Xbox Live…I have more consoles than public IP addresses…lol



Hi @HEMISixty,

Thanks for the feedback. As you noted, Canary devices do not support PoE.

Have you tried using a third-party solution like this? While the Canary team has not tested or certified any third-party PoE equipment, you may find it appropriate for your use case.



Hi Andy,

Sure, there are options. If I had my way, I’d run a series of DC supply runs to every room in my house…

However, the wires involved would still become horrendous, to a degree. So, I may run a PoE supply from my LAN closet, aka my laundry room, but I’m out of outlets on my UPS. It’s a good suggestion and I appreciate it. I’ll have to get an outlet strip and give it a shot. I have a pi I need to add a PoE hat to anyway…maybe I’ll do that and open up an outlet.





I have a UniFi set up at home. All the AP’s use PoE. Homes that have attic or crawl spaces are easy to run ethernet wiring.

PoE is fantastic because it carries both power for the device, as well as the “internet”, and only one wire is needed. It is certainly easier to run ethernet cabling than install power plugs or have to recharge something. Especially if you have 6,7,8 Flex devices, having to go around and collect them to charge is tedious. And while they’re are charging, they aren’t recording.

Also, wifi is spotty. By it’s nature the signal ebbs and flows and is inconsistent. With wired (and PoE) the signal will stay a consistent 10/100 or 100/1000 depending on what is added to the card.

So for me, running 40 foot of cabling to my garage works better versus wifi where it is on the edge of coverage or I need to install an extender, which my not be practical if there is only grass and dirt between the two buildings. It’s easier to run Ethernet wire in a shallow trench than it would be run power for an extender and either buying one that is water proof and costly or creating something water proof for it.


For me, I prefer a word connection so it doesn’t clutter my WiFi bandwidth on my local network. With wired not interfering and also carrying much more bandwidth, I have much higher rate of success with multiple cameras in the network (3).


for anyone interested in this I have succesfully used the following poe splitter from amazon here on my aios.


Please make a flex with PoE.


I think selling a flex with PoE that can be positioned far away from the network where theres no power or wifi would be a huge game changer. maybe even a PTZ version?..


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