Privacy Mode auto off timer


My wife and I often forget to turn off privacy mode when we go to bed which means canary won’t be monitoring in night mode and sometimes we forget to turn on in the morning as well so it’s not monitoring until we discover it in the evening.

Having a limit timed privacy mode that lasts for an x amount of hrs would be great solution to this issue.

Snooze button for notifications

@hyperlink, that’s a great idea! Canary already lets you set times on some modes as explained in this help article. Would this do what you want or do you think that there needs to an additional setting made available?


From our experience manually activating Privacy Mode overrides the scheduled modes which is what this timeout feature would address.


@hyperlink, you could also configure Home mode to not record while you are home. Night mode could then be used to record while sleeping without having to remember to turn privacy on or off. Are there other cases where this would not work for you?



Hey @hyperlink,

Manually switching on the “Private” slider from the quick mode switch button on the app home screen will override the Night mode scheduling. However, if you generally want the Canary set to private when you are home, you can set your Home mode not to record video. Night mode will override Home mode. This will make the Canary behave so that when you arrive home the camera shuts off until the scheduled time for Night mode at which point it will begin recording again.

Let me know if that sounds like it will work for you, I’m happy to go into more detail about how to set this up in the app!


I don’t think that would work for me. I want home mode to continue to record video so I would have evidence of my kids or pets doing things they shouldn’t be doing. :slight_smile: Is there another mode other than home where it doesn’t record video?


Just to clarify, are you wanting the Canary to record your kids and pets when you are at home or away from home? When are the times you want the Canary to not record vs when you want it recording while you are at home?


I could be at home but not in the rooms the Canary is placed. In this case I want it to continue to record and monitor. If I’m in the rooms with Canary then I would prefer not to be record and I’ve been doing this by putting it into privacy mode.


Thank you for going into more detail about your situation. I can see why a timed privacy mode of some kind would be helpful for you in that case. We don’t have anything like that at the moment, but we’ll definitely take that feedback. In the meantime, you might find a way to set up something that works for you using IFTTT and the Wink app to automatically switch modes for you. I’d check out the Wink thread for some ideas and help from other Wink users.


I would like the possibility to snooze my notifications.
Examples of when I would use this:
I want to know that my cleaner has arrived but don’t expect to be told every time she walks in the room (want to keep recording though)
I want to know parents are in the house but not every time they start a new conversation.
A snooze option for 10, 20, 30, 60mins etc. would be ideal

Ps I have the all in one - other people have the flex… please make available for both devices!


Hi @Bates,

I went ahead and combined your comments in with this thread as it’s requesting a similar feature. Thank you for sharing your feedback!


This is fine as long as you appreciate that the timer for privacy is different than a timer to suppress notifications about activity?



Yes, absolutely! I’m combining as both requests are related to mode switching on a timer. In your case, it would be switching temporarily to a mode that does not send alerts while still recording, as opposed to switching to private.


The design team at Canary has talked about introducing both of these features (privacy timer and notifications snooze). In general, we want to offer more robust mode and notification settings. Curious to hear how else people would use these features or if there other ways we could improve modes and notifications.


@mckenna I would love to see the addition of individual device notifications. For example, in my setup, my outside cameras get a lot of notifications while my indoor cameras get almost none. I don’t need the notifications from my outdoor cameras, but do want them from the interior.

As a result, I would love to be able to set which devices send push notifications of each type (HomeHealth, Motion, Offline/Online, Battery, etc.)


I agree that snoozing notifications (turn on privacy mode for X minutes) would be extremely useful. My Canary Flex provides a view of my driveway. However, when I take the kids outside to play, it is annoying to get multiple nuisance Canary notifications on my phone. It would be perfect to click a quick-action snooze button on the first notification to enable privacy mode. I would have to take a guess on the snooze length based on how long I think I will be outside, but this would still eliminate countless extra notifications.

The snooze feature also prevents situations when I forget to turn off privacy mode. Currently, I manually enable privacy mode, but never remember to turn it back off. I have an automatic task set up through Wink to disable privacy mode every morning at 8 AM, but that means I generally miss notifications while the camera is in privacy mode from, say 7 PM until the next morning.