Private mode at home - email from Canary today August 2nd 2017


Below is the email i received…

Hi Stuart,

When we first launched Canary there wasn’t an option to automatically pause recording when you return home.

We’re happy to say that this highly requested functionality is now built into the app and we’ve enabled it for you.

Your device will now automatically be set to private when any location members are at home. This update will prevent your Canary devices from recording and uploading unwanted videos to the cloud when you are home.

You can adjust this or other mode preferences in Settings.
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— The Canary Team

Now what i find strange is that i have had this feature enabled since i bought my AIO and Flex 3 weeks ago… But Canary have taken the initiative to change my settings for me! … I had them setup so the AIO was private in home mode and the Flex (looking at the drive) was always on but with notifications disabled.

This shows clearly to me the inexperienced nature of the business. Canary pride themselves on security yet a software enhancement has altered the characteristic of the security setup and put my exterior camera in private @ home mode without my permission. The camera was set record for a specific reason Canary!!!

In future you might want to clear it with the customers first before changing their security configuration. it undermines the whole purpose of what we are all trying to achieve here… A reliable security product we can put our trust in.

Sorry, but it feels like one thing after another at the moment, i like Canary, but this shouldn’t have happened.

I have posted this to advise other users to check their configuration after this update to make sure all cameras are still set the way they want them to be set, not defaulted back to Private.

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