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Is it possible to get some more visibility into the software roadmap? There have been a number of requests in the “feature requests” section but we, as users, are left in the dark about which items you are pursuing. Not looking for specific dates but just an idea of what the company deems as a good idea that they are willing to allocate resources to.

As a side note, I really think alexa skill and additional wink integrations are key (and perhaps smart things, though I don’t use that so can’t really speak to it). Triggering the canary alarm based on other events in my house would be a huge win and something you could do to differentiate from many of the competitors. Everything with the smart home is about integration and creating bridges across devices, to miss this key functionality would be a shame for canary and a detriment to the future success of the company. Take a look at what nest is doing, they are the leaders in the smart home space for a reason. Time is running out for staying relevant in the smart home camera market.



Hi @Lkohler87,

We don’t typically share details of our product roadmap until our marketing team is ready to share as things can change and we don’t want to over promise. But I can tell you that furthering our integration story is a priority. We just released our Google Home integration and Alexa is certainly something we deem as a good idea :wink:

Stay tuned - good things are coming!


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Echo show compatibility

Hi Dave,

What about further Google home integration?




Hey @Dan7970,

Yes, we still have improvements we’d like to make to our Google home integration! If there is anything you’d like to see feel free to add them here.