Public Ip camera


I’m was wondering if Canary had the ability to use the Flex cameras as a Public ip camera? Specifically, I’m apart of the Weather Underground and wanted to broadcast the weather outside as a part of my weather station network.

If not I would like to suggest this as a future feature request.


Hello, I do not believe this is an option at this time but it is an interesting idea.

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Given others permission to view camera

Hi @Gazelle,

We don’t have this option available at this time. The Canary Flex also does not have HomeHealth sensors, so it wouldn’t be able to report weather data. I’ll go ahead and move this to our Feature Requests board for others to share if they’d be interested in this feature as well. Thanks for your feedback!


My weather station would handle all the weather data but they also have an
option of adding a camera.

Jeff H. Whitley <’/))))><