Purpose of in-app "Activity Detected" overlay while watching live


Hi. What is the functional purpose of interrupting the watch live stream with a blur overlay and “Activity Detected” message? To be clear, I understand what this message is for and agree it would be useful while viewing past timeline events, so you can be alerted and jump to the action. But I cannot understand why this would be useful for someone who is currently watching the live stream that it has detected activity in?

I suppose this could be helpful to someone with multiple devices, if I am watching live on one device and it detects activity on the second device. But for accounts with only one device or when a user is watching the same stream the activity is detected in, this box should not be shown. It is at best disruptive and at worst buggy: if several of these appear without being dismissed and are allowed to stack up, it becomes impossible to return to the watch live stream without force quitting the app unless each one is individually dismissed. Even giving in and pressing View Event continues to show each and every last Activity Detected alert.

I think the spirit of these messages are nice, but it is a poor implementation and should never show when watching live. Besides, pressing View Event will… show me a recording of the event! Who would prefer that over continuing to watch the action!


It’s a bit like if I was watching a live game of soccer on TV and every time someone scored a goal, the screen blurs out and a large box in the middle of the screen says Goal Scored — View Event? And that box and blur overlay stay up unless the TV viewer manually dismisses it. It makes watching what should be a handsfree stream a very hands on experience :slight_smile: :soccer:


Thanks for the feedback @samm. Can you confirm if you are using the iOS or Android app?


Hi Dave. I’m using iOS.


Hi @DaveF — I was curious if you had any further response to this? Not necessarily looking for any concrete roadmap commitments but was just wondering what you/Canary/ anyone else on product thought of this feedback. It would be a small change that would make a big impact in the watch live experience.

(By ‘small change’ I mean a minor UX decision; I appreciate that actually implementing an improved Activity Detected interruption would likely require considerable engineering resources and is obviously not a few lines of code.)

Thanks for your transparency and insight!


Hi @samm,

Yes! I agree with your feedback and a ticket has been opened to address in a future release.



Thank you very much @DaveF!