Quick Review feature - easier way to quickly review all alerts in a day


We get a lot of false positives on our Canary alerts, due to cars passing by or neighbors house lights being turned on and off. At the end of the day, we have about 15 alerts, 95% are nothing.
Viewing each individual alert video is extremely tedious.
It’d be really great to have a way to quickly scrub through an entire day, that way we can quickly delete any video alerts that are nothing important.


Hi @copey,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, I think that’s a great suggestion. Out of curiosity, are you actually receiving notifications for this activity or just seeing it in your Timeline later on? If you’re getting push notifications for this kind of false alarm, you might want adjust your Motion notification settings to be a bit less sensitive. It will still record everything, but will try to avoid sending you alerts for background motion.

In my own home my Canary sometimes picks up lights and shadows coming from my windows as motion, but because of my sensitivity setting I’m rarely alerted for it. When I view my Timeline at the end of the day, I skim through and look for anything with an icon that looks like a running man. That running man means that Canary thought this activity was important enough to send an alert, so those are the only videos I bother watching. But, if I know something happened, I can always check the other videos as well.

Maybe that will make it a little easier for you to view your Timeline. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


Interesting. I was wondering what caused a notification and what didnt.
I would say most times, we are NOT getting a notification - which is good. Sometimes we do. I’d say maybe 50/50 at this point.

So we’re definitely not getting bombarded with notifications for all false alerts.
-A bulk delete option would definitely help here too. Select all the non-Notification ones and delete. Or even a default playback speed of say 2x + to get through the video clips faster.


I can see a bulk delete being helpful. If you have an iPhone, you can scrub through the video to fast forward playback for any video that has completed loading by dragging the play indicator. We don’t have that option for Android yet, but hopefully soon! I’ll note your interest in just a static “2x speed playback” button as well.


Voted for a “quick delete” method. This is a good idea :+1:t3: