Reduce Geofence radius?


I was wondering if it would be possible to control the geofence radius via a setting? Preferably I’d like to reduce it or control the methods used for measuring (cell tower, gps etc).

I have entered the address of my home and checked it on the map in the app and it’s accurate.

My work location is around 1 and a half miles away, so no problem there. Auto-switching works and goes to away mode where I record any movements etc.

Sometimes I go for lunch close to my home (around 300 meters away) and my canary will switch to home mode and is set to private-no recording (even though the default setting for geofence is 50 meters according to the help information).

Is there any way to limit it only to geofence? I.e. Disregard cell phone signal and use GPS only? Make it more accurate?

At the moment with the settings that I have (auto switch, away record, home private) that should the worst happen and my home gets broken in to while I’m at lunch close by, I won’t have video evidence. I use iOS if that matters. Example in the screenshot (12:58 -> 13:45 was lunch close by 300 meters away, but not actually at home).





So I know the issue you’re talking about, Canary puts a limit on it, though I am not sure if that is Canary or Apple… That said, what I did to help with this was to move the location of my home slightly on the map. For example, if you know that you go somewhere north of your house a lot, try moving the dot a little south so it still encompasses your home, but doesn’t encompass the second location. Do you think that would work?


Hi @dmnsctt,

Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. We don’t currently have an option to adjust the geofence radius, but I can see how that would be a very helpful feature in your situation. I’m going to move this into the Feature Requests section of the Community so others can vote on this as something they’d also be interested in seeing.


Hi Zev, thanks for the suggestion. That was something that I was thinking about alright, but I’m not sure what other side effects that would produce (e.g. Home address not accurate for alerting the police etc). I would have to test it.


Thanks Angie! It would be great to have that level of customization…




Brand new Canary user and similar living situation and experience to dmnsctt’s. I live in an urban apartment and frequently am not in my apartment, but also not far enough away for the GPS geofence to consider me “away”. Maybe there’s a potential feature where the Canary client would (additionally) check for WiFi (SSID or MAC address of AP) and use that as a secondary way of confirming home or away for urban/apartment based users?