Remote Infrared Illuminator


I’m wanting to buy an outdoor remote IR illuminator for use with a Canary Flex.

I’ve found that available wavelengths are generally either 840nm/850nm (faint red glow) or 940nm (invisible to naked eye).

My [potentially-misguided] understanding is that certain cameras/sensors will work well with only the 840nm/850nm wavelength, while others will be able to use either/both of (1) 840nm/850nm or (2) 940nn.

Is there any knowledge within the Canary office regarding which wavelengths of illuminator are “compatible?” Additionally: are there any particular models of IR illuminators that you guys recommend or have either used successfully or received reports of working successfully?

Thanks (in advance) for any information you can provide!


Hey @adamdoyle, I am unsure of the exact wavelength and would have to defer to a staff member to answer that specific detail, but what I can say is that other devices that I use that use infrared all light up when recorded during night vision from my AIO or Canary Flex devices. For example, the iRobot Roomba recently showed up in night mode when it was running today and you can see all of the IR sensors on while it runs.

I can’t locate it, but there was a post with people who were talking about external IR lights for use with their Flex outside and found them to be successful (if I recall correctly).

Looking through Amazon briefly there is one item that showed up with a reviewer who claims that it works with Canary and that is an 850nm light.

So not sure if that is helpful at all, but that’s what I got for now. Let us know what you end up getting and how it works, this would be great information to have for others.