Repetitive Blinking Lights in Field of Vision


Hello. Two of my canaries are pointed in a direction that contains distant blinking lights, from the outdoors. These lights are consistent repetitive blinking lights, for example, those bright red lights that sit on top of buildings (-I face one in my condo). The issue is that I receive countless notifications of these distant blinking lights. I understand that I could re-position the canary not to include anything that ‘moves’ but sometimes this is difficult because of reflections from other surfaces and technically, these lights don’t move… they run predictive patterns. It would be nice to be able to tune these out either by manually highlighting them or the system recognizing them through a ‘learning mode’. Thanks.



Hey @Barkana, @Zev had some good advice in your other thread about adjusting your notification settings. I would give that a try first.

That said, Canary should automatically filter out most repetitive motion (e.g. ceiling fans), but it’s hard to assess your specific environment without seeing your video.

If you need help adjusting your settings, we have a guide to that here:

Hope that helps!



Hi Pete. I’ll lower the sensitivity level and see if that helps… I appreciate the help! Thanks.