Replacement Screws for Secure Mount


Is it possible to get replacement screws for the secure mount? I’ve ruined the one that fixes the Flex to the Secure Mount at the bottom. Or what is the spec and a supplier?

Also I have not been able to find as good a replacement for the #8 wood screws for mounting the Secure Mount baseplate.

I am particularly adept at stripping the head / sockets and if my life long quest for reinventing the screw doesn’t pay off it would be good if there were spares ( packs ) more conveniently available.



Please open a ticket with our support team



Thanks for the reply. I have opened a ticket.


@progtastic my secure mount was supplied with the bolt that fixed the secure mount to the wall bracket with a damaged thread so asked a similar question of support:

The 2 screws with the mount are #8 countersunk screws, 1’’ in length.

The screw that comes with the flex is a #8 pan head screw, also 1’’ in length.

The hex screw is #8 hex cap screw 1/4’’ in length.

They are all stainless steel.