Requesting an easier way to download videos


I would like to request a way to download multiple videos at one time through the web app directly to my computer. The current method for downloading the videos through the phone app is extremely tedious and cumbersome. It takes quite a long time and it gets very confusing if I am trying to download multiple videos in a day.

Easier way to download videos?

I agree. I logged into via my PC tonight and attempted to download a video to send my family to show them how neat Canary was, only to find out you can’t.

My phone has limited storage. Not only that, the screen is smaller. I would love to be able to download, deleted, videos through a full web browser. And hopefully, you guys will add the ability to cut videos, for instance a thief who broke in and looked at the camera.

I am really frustrated and feel like the entire canary platform is crippled for the sake of membership fee’s. You guys would do better charging for video storage and other addons then for basic features set you should have without paying to begin with.


Same here, I agree. The Presence App is way better than Canary at being able to download videos. And Presence App is better in that it allows me to save (bookmark) videos in the app and doesn’t delete them unless I remove them.


Hey @FlashGordon17,

As explained in the FAQs, Bookmarks act that way with Canary as well.

Bookmarks allow you to save a Video Event to your Timeline indefinitely, and won’t take up any storage space on your smartphone.


I need to download to memory stick two video segments taken by my canary as part of filing an affidavit over a trespass and home invasion by a violent neighbour (using a pick-axe, YES a pick-axe).

My cellphone (Alcatel Onetouch Pop C3) and iPad2 don’t seem to be able to handle the code that you’re using to do the video downloads and/or the file sizes.

I urgently need to download these files via a normal PC browser, since the cops are refusing to do anything (suspect the attacker has given information on someone else to convince cops not to prosecute)


Hey @mist42nz, go ahead and Submit A Ticket to Canary directly, they may be able to help get you through the steps to get these downloads a little better if you’re having trouble with the devices.

Generally speaking when you request the download it will take between 5 minutes and 45 minutes (at least for me) and then when you go back to the video it will allow you to download it. If that’s not occurring for you, you may wish to try reinstalling the app to see if that resolves the issue. If not, I’d say reach out to Canary directly and see if there’s some other issue going on for you.


Seriously, the download feature via the web should be one of a few minimum features available. I can’t understand why such a basic feature isn’t available yet, still. This goes hand-in-hand with the ability to delete timeline entries from the web as well. Normally the web interfaces for any given device offer more functionality. I am seeing it is the very opposite here.


The Web interface is actually fairly new for Canary, it was only launched this past year. More features will hopefully be coming for it down the road.


It is curious though why the simpler HTML interface was available after the phone companion. The embedded link available through the web should respond the same way as the phone with the ability to delete.