Save bandwidth by reducing frame rate and resolution


Hello everyone… this is my first post.

I own a total of 7 Canaries and I am using 5 of them to monitor my cottage over the winter. My cottage is in a remote location and I use a modem that takes a SIM card as a data connection to a cell tower. Therefore I am charged cell phone data rates. As a result I need to minimize false triggers or I chew through my data allocation in a matter of days. I have my Flex’s set to night mode so I can turn off the recording as I still get to many triggers even at the lowest settings. My indoor cameras are in record mode all the time with no issues.

So back to the Flex’s - it would be fantastic if I could initiate a setting where they pop off - maybe 5 still pictures per second at 720p. Therefor my bandwidth would reflect 5 pics/s upload as opposed to 24 fps/1080/s as a way to save my bandwidth per month. Even if the Flex’s give me false triggers there’d be no big deal as my bandwidth would be reduced significantly. And yes I have the Flex’s set to the lowest setting and they are still falsely triggered by bunnies, racoons, squirrels, snow, bugs… and sasquatch ;o)




Hey Chris,

Thanks for this idea! This sounds like a really useful idea for a lot of people. Canary’s already will change their quality based on your connection, but a manual way to force a certain resolution would be great, I agree!


I second this, and go further to suggest that the lowest framerate option should be just a single image and not even attempt video, until a fast bandwidth is detected.
(I often want to check the food or water status of a pet when away, and simply cannot in poor wifi. A static picture is all I need).