Second Premium Service Not Required

I have recently purchased a Canary Pro which at present I am very pleased with. The camera came with one year of Premium Service as a part of the bundle. I would like to buy another Canary Pro but all the best options come with a free year Premium Service which I do not need.
If I add the additional camera to my current set up I assume that the new camera will be attached to my existing plan which is a couple of months old. Is it possible to roll over the second Premium Plan when the original one ends? Or is it lost if not activated with that camera?
Seems silly having two Premium Service accounts for two cameras when I can have five cameras on the first plan.

Hey @asp,

Thanks for reaching out, we’re happy to hear you’re enjoying your first Canary Pro!

When you setup your second Canary, set it up on the existing account and location as your first. Once this is complete, reach out to our support team by emailing with the code you received for your second year. Once our team receives this, we can go ahead and apply that second year code to your existing subscription so you will have the first two years paid for.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can assist with!


Many thanks for your prompt and positive reply.