Semi-private "Home" mode?


I would like a custom “Home” mode. Currently, as far as I can tell, there are only two options for the Home mode: “Record video” or “Set to private.” With the “Record video” option, my Canary AIOs will always be triggered by motion and start recording. I don’t want that when I’m home. I don’t want all my activities to always be recording. I want the recording feature to be turned off. However, I would still like to peek in on the live stream whenever I want.

The other “Set to private” option completely turns off the cameras altogether. While they may not be triggered by motion and, therefore, will not record, the privacy mode does not allow you to watch cameras live if you so desire.

I would like a custom Home option that does not record motion-triggered events, but still allows you to watch any camera live whenever you want.

"Watch Live" without recording

An interesting idea for sure… The easiest work around right now is to turn private off and then back on when you are done, but that is certainly a cumbersome workaround.


True, I could go the manual route of turning Privacy off and using the Home mode when I want to watch the live stream. Just a tad tedious but doable. My next question with doing it that way, though, is which household member has the ultimate control over which mode Canary is in? If I switch out of Privacy mode into Home mode on my phone, can my wife or daughter override me and switch it back to Privacy mode on their phones?


You’d have to check with @Matt or someone else from back end on this to be sure, but I believe it’s the last device to update the status is what you will see/experience in terms of recording capacity. I am not sure if it changes automatically with Live View though (I just ran a test with my iPhone and Apple TV to try and see but when I set the iPhone to private, it does not automatically apply to my stream on my Apple TV, it instead stays live until I navigate away).


This is great feedback and something we’ve been talking about.

To answer @RobbW’s question, any member of your location is able to switch modes and enable/disable Privacy.

@Zev the stream on your Apple TV app should have eventually ended once your device was switched to private. Once a device is in Privacy mode it is physically incapable of uploading video - my guess is that you did not wait long enough for the video to make it’s way through our system to see it end.


Thanks for the confirmation, @DaveF. This would be another good reason to advance the other feature request for special member permissions. I want my daughter to be a member of my location, but I don’t want her to be able to change or adjust any of the settings. Likewise with my petsitter who stays overnight at my house when we’re on vacation, or our housekeeper who cleans our house every other week. I’d like them to be members, but I don’t want them to have access to any of the video streams or account settings. I just want the system to recognize when they arrive and leave and adjust the mode appropriately.

The semi-private “Home” mode that I’m suggesting would be very useful for my daughters and our petsitter and housekeeper. I don’t want their every moves to trigger recording events. However, I would like to be able to watch a live stream to check in on them whenever I want.

This upcoming '17/'18 school year, my older daughter will be responsible for getting up on her own and getting herself ready and off to school by herself. I want the Canary system to recognize that she is still there and keep itself in this semi-private “Home” mode. I don’t need it recording every motion-triggered event, but I’d like to be able to watch the live stream from work to make sure that my daughter is moving along as is necessary.

One of the main reasons we became new Canary owners is to provide our family with a sense of relief and comfort, especially for my older daughter. She has extreme anxiety that we are working with her on right now. She likes the idea that even if mommy and daddy are not at home, we can still check in on her and make sure she is okay. Starting next school year, she will be on her own in the morning to get up and ready for school. The ability for my wife and I to check in on her and keep tabs on her morning progress will be paramount, both for my daughter’s sense of security and also to ensure that she is getting to school on time. That is why I will also be “Liking” and promoting the other feature request thread regarding two-way audio. Two-way audio would be a HUGE help with being able to monitor her progress, prod her along when necessary, and give my daughter a massive “security blanket” knowing that she is not completely alone.


I would like to see 2 apps to control this. Meaning, while my kids are home I want the system to know it is them and record(kids app) . But once my wife or I am home I want the system to go private with the option of live viewing(admin app)


This is some great background @RobbW. Thank you, very helpful.



It would be nice if the “Watch Live” button could be used even when you are home, or set to private, simply that it wouldn’t record it. For people who just want to check in or see how Canary “sees” your place. Presently you have to switch over to recording mode to view the live stream. Which also makes viewing live slower because you’re actually streaming the feed slightly after its been stored in Canary servers, rather than a true “live” feed.


Is anything in the works on these? Not only are these great ideas - they (quite frankly) should have been in or thought about for original design. Please tell us they are in the (near future) works…


I would like to see that too. It would also be nice to be able to manually start or stop record mode
while watching live feed.