Sending video from your phone


sometimes i have a problem sending video cause its too long …It would be nice to have the option of trimming the video,and also sometimes it doesnt give the option to send to photos…Anybody have any ideas to make this more simpler??


You can actually trim videos on your iPhone!


Really? Can you explain how to do that…thanks



That link I included in that post will show you how!


Ok I’ll give it a shot and see what happens…thanks👍


hey thanks worked…But sometimes the video is too big and they dont
let you put it in your camera roll.So now i have a cool video that is stuck
in my timeline and i cant send it cause its too big…Any solution to that
?that you know of?..thanks

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You can actually trim videos on your iPhone
( !


I’ve never seen this, can you email Canary’s support and include the information on that file so they can take a look? Send a request here and include:

  • Your account email
  • The file date and time you are having trouble with
  • Which device of yours it is.

Hopefully they will be able to figure this out for you!


Ok thanks for all your help :+1: