Set up View Stuck


Can anyone assist me? I have emailed Canary and even the Chat and no response.

I am setting up a new C Flex and the view is set to my office desk where I was charging it. Now I have it placed facing my front yard and it still is showing me my office desk.

I disconnected it from Wifi and reconnected it to see it that would solve the issue, but NO.

Can anyone assist? Pleasse


Hey there, your best bet will be hearing back from Canary, but in the mean time lets see what we can do.

Things I would suggest giving a try would include quitting the app, restarting your device (both phone and Canary Flex), and if none of that works deleting and re-installing your application on your phone.

Here are some guides to help you with these processes:


Hi Zev:
Thank you so much for sending me all this information. I have tried everything you suggested:

  1. Turning off the C-Flex
  2. Power reset for the C-Flex
  3. Deleting the app and reloading it.

Nothing seems to work. I am sure it is user error, but I am lost.

I did get an email from Canary Support, so I hope she has some more suggestions.

Thank you again.


Are you able to successfully Watch Live on both devices? Seeing as you are new to Canary it sounds like you are referring to the blurred out picture on your home screen within the Canary app. This is a cached picture that will update once new motion triggered events are created. I wonder if this is just a matter of switching between the two Canary Flex devices. You can swipe to the left or right to switch between multiple devices at a single location.

To learn more, visit Home Screen overview.