Setup Issues for Canary AIO


Hi. Can’t say enough wonderful things about Canary. You guys are saving me a ton of money because Im running my own security system. Amazing. On to the question…

I already have 3 cameras perfect now for over 6 months without hiccup. I just purchased a new/(but used) canary off of Amazon for a great price. I cannot get pass the setup mode. I’ve shot a couple emails to the support team which usually gets back to me rather quickly. If you look in my account you should see the activation attempt for the new camera. Any steps to mitigate this problem? I’ve already did all the steps on the guide and some not in the guide. It’s just keep flashing white quickly. with the yellow cord it doesn’t connect on wifi or ethernet. And when left on just plugged in flashes red. Thanks for responding. and if you want you can send a canary flex for free. I’ll gladly take it. Thanks…

PS. You guys are amazing!!!. Food for thought… Assuming someone works in a place where phones are not allowed but they have access to internet. It would make sense to be alerted to things going on at your home without having to touch your phone. Access cannot just relegated to mobile devices simply because of loss of coverage and what if someone cellphone breaks or can’t pay the cellphone bill. They can’t even access there camera feeds. Just saying… Look into this if you’re not already and of course security parameters first… Thanks


Hi @barringer24,

Thanks for the kind words!

I suspect that this is because the used device you purchased was not properly deactivated before being resold. For security reasons, once a device is activated it can not be setup again until it is explicitly deactivated by the original owner.

You should contact the seller and request that they deactivate the device using their Canary app. If you still have trouble please give our support team a call.