Setup using the Android app won't let me proceed to completion



I am desperately trying to set up a Canary. I had to use the Ethernet connection and the Android app via the yellow audio cable. It took quite a few attempts but I finally got it to recognize the device and I proceeded through the app setup procedure to the point where it asks you to Name the location where it will reside. The app will let me select one of the given location names or type a new one, but nothing at all happens when I press the Save button to move to the next screen.

I really don’t want to try ‘going back’ to the previous screen because in the past that has forced me to start the device setup all over again (and I have already done that so many times I am weary of it).

It’s also weird that the device appears in my Profile but it is not showing any images.

Please help, I have been trying for too long to get this working.


Hi @Swulf,

I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble with your Canary. I’m not quite clear what is happening. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of where you’re getting stuck during setup?

If you haven’t already, I would also recommend submitting a ticket to our support team with details of your situation as well as the serial number of your device so they can look more closely at your account.



I’ve opened a ticket but here is the screen on which the app is stuck. It doesn’t do anything when I hit ‘Save’.


It may be worth trying to uninstall and re-install the app and then set your Canary device up again. I know it’s a pain, but sometimes that’s the easiest fix for whatever might be going on.


Hello, I am having a similar problem with my canary all in one broke (large bulldog knocked it off the table - I guess she doesn’t like all the videos of her doing bad things!) I received a new all in one unit, but the directions are vague. I have an Android phone and the blue tooth toggle will not stay on, so I thought to use the yellow audio cable, but I cannot get to PAIRING AUDIO screen on the canary app. Although I did uninstall and re-install the app, I logged in with my existing account information so I can’t get to the setup screens. Any help is appreciated! Thanks so much and don’t tell the bulldog she is going to be a video star again.