Significant (and possibly dangerous) delays in activity notifications!


There is a VERY significant lag/delay between when there is activity in view of my AIOs and when I finally get any sort of notification about said activity (IF I get a notification)!!! The delay has often been several minutes! This is very disturbing as I am using the Canary system for my in-home security. If someone breaks into my home, and I don’t receive a notification of this activity for 3-5 minutes, who knows what kind of damage can be done before I am made aware of the situation and can react.

This is especially problematic now that my daughters’ new school year has started. We bought the Canary system with the intention of being able to keep an eye on the house when my daughters are at school and my wife and I are at work. It gives my daughters peace of mind to know that they can check our house before they get home after school and know that no one has entered the house without authorization. Also, it helps us sleep better at night knowing that Canary is keeping a watchful eye on things and will alert us if it notices anything untoward.

However, if the activity notifications are severely delayed, this could be disastrous. What if someone enters our home at night while everyone is asleep? If my phone doesn’t get pinged with a notification until 6 minutes later, that could very well be too late for us to do anything about it (e.g. sound the alarm or call 911). Likewise, if someone enters our home a few minutes before our girls get home from school, but we don’t receive a notification in time, they could be walking into a very dangerous situation!

We have a petsitter and a housekeeper that come to our house occasionally. I have noticed on many occasions that I will not receive an activity notification until long after they originally entered our home. What is causing the delay? Does Canary wait until after the activity has ceased before it sends a notification? What if there is continuous motion/activity for 5, 10, or 15 minutes? Does it wait until after all activity has ended before sending out a notice? Or does it only send out a notice every 10 minutes or so? I just need to know why I am not receiving an activity notification IMMEDIATELY upon the Canary AIOs picking up motion/activity when the system is in “Away” mode??? And what can be done to improve the notification process???


Hi @RobbW,

Having to wait several minutes to receive an alert is definitely not normal. Is this happening on both you and your wife’s phone?

You might want to try adjusting your motion notification settings to maximum sensitivity. If you’re using any masks on your Canary try temporarily disabling them as well.

If this doesn’t help, please open a ticket with our support team so they can help investigate why you’re experiencing these delays.


I am not getting any notification starting sometime this week!


I’ve noticed this as well. One of my canarys does it, the other does not.
If you consider this important (as I do), file a ticket on my behalf.


I also only get notifications once the detected motion has ended (without any exception). In the best cases when our daughter went upstairs after coming home from school. In the worst case scenario when an intruder left the house after stealing all my socks.
Makes the siren useless, if you ask me. Would only upset our birds …


I made a few test after reading about that problem in the commentary section below one of the latest articles on the changes at canary. Someone reported on his doubts regarding the notifications. Tried to do the same he did at home and was a bit shocked about the results.

At first: all results are reproducible.

I switched on the away mode manually and walked through the room without stopping. Did this serveral minutes. I received no notification. Then I left the room and received the notification within one minuted. It made no difference how long I was walking. The notification was only sent after movement stopped. I always had the impression that it would “work” like that as notifications in “real life” only came when our daughter has left the living room after coming home from school. The delay was always a bit more than her stay in the living room. Before the recent changes it was the length of the recorded video. Now I am no longer able to see what happened after sec #5 (I do not count the first five as nothing is happening there in general).
So if a burglar breaks in and leaves after only moving in the room where the camera is placed, you will only get notified after he left.

Made another test I read about below that article. Switched to Away Mode, moved around again, “discoved” the device, removed the plug from the back and left the room. Guess what is happening … Yes, … nothing. So if a burglar detects the device while he was moving in the room and removes the plug, you will never get the notification.

I always had the impression that notifications will only be sent once the movement has finished.

So, my question: Why is it not possible to send them when motion is being detected? It has never been that case that I have received notiifications at the start of the movement.
There was a sticker “Protected by Canary”… If I would use that one and a burglar would know enough about the system he could easily avoid to get caught.

And what is the sense of the siren then? You do not need to use it, when all the action has finished …


WTF?!?! Okay, this is becoming freaking ridiculous! I’m at work right now and just received a notification of activity at home. I immediately opened up the timeline video to review what was going on. My mother-in-law had picked up my two daughters from school, and they had all stopped at my house to let my dogs out and pick up something that my older daughter had forgotten at home. According to the video, they were at my home for roughly 9 minutes with lots of walking throughout the entire home. Unfortunately, I did NOT receive the notification until AFTER everyone had already left my home!!!

This stupid system is now completely useless to me, at the very least!!! At the worst, it is a potential hazard to me and my family!!! If it cannot notify me IMMEDIATELY upon detecting activity when it is in Away mode, then there is absolutely NO point in me having this Canary system and paying $150 per year for the monitoring service!!!

In fact, this is borderline (if not actually) fraudulent, and I may consider legal steps. I suggest that Canary gets this situation corrected ASAP before someone gets injured or worse due to its products not working as advertised!!!

@angie I expect an immediate answer to this issue and an immediate correction of the problem. Canary advertises this product and service as a security product to help people protect their families. If the product & services cannot fulfill even their most basic advertised functions, then this is fraudulent. There is HUGE liability with this, and someone could potentially get injured or killed if they walk into the wrong situation at home because your system failed to notify them there was unexpected activity (e.g. an intruder)!


I just submitted a ticket for this problem. This is insane that this product does not work as advertised or expected. I hope it gets corrected before a Canary customer is victimized due to a lack of timely notifications.


Hey Robb,

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry to hear about the delay in notification you experienced today.

The most common reason for a delay or lack of notification for an event is due to having the motion notification sensitivity set too low. This setting will delay a notification from being sent until the event reaches the required threshold for motion that you have set. You can find a detailed description of this setting on our Help Center article here.

I’ll also follow-up on the ticket you submitted so we can discuss your account in further detail.


I’m sorry. I thought the sensitivity setting adjusted the threshold for whether a notification was sent at all, not how soon after the activity is detected that the notification would be sent. So, if I want notifications to be sent immediately upon detection, I need to set my sensitivity threshold to a high/highest setting? Then how do I control whether Canary sends me notifications at all? If I set the sensitivity that high, is it going to start bombarding me with ever single, trivial motion it detects?

I don’t need to get notifications for every single flutter of the curtains caused by my HVAC starting to blow. All I want is for Canary to send the notifications immediately upon detection. I would think the sensitivity setting should adjust only how sensitive Canary is to detecting motion, not whether it sends the notification right away or not. In what scenario would anyone NOT want to receive an immediate notification? I would think I should only have to set the level of activity that is required before Canary sends a notification, i.e. be able to filter out my little 4-pound kitten walking around from setting off the detector. However, once that level of activity is detected, then Canary should ALWAYS send a notification immediately!


Hey Robb,

Thanks for your follow-up, I’d be happy to clarify here.

The sensitivity setting will only affect the amount of notifications you receive, and will have no impact on the amount of video your Canary records. You are correct in that once the threshold for motion set by the sensitivity is met, a notification will always be immediately sent. It is just a matter of how long into the event it takes for that threshold for motion to be reached.

My recommendation to anyone who is running into the issue you are experiencing is to raise the sensitivity to the highest setting, and then lower it one notch at a time until you reach a point where it is not notifying you for trivial movement, but still sends a notification for a person. I highly recommend testing this by setting your Canary into Away mode, and triggering an event by walking past the Canary each time you lower the sensitivity. This will ensure that you do not place it too low.

You can fine tune this even further by taking advantage of our Masks. I would recommend playing around with the masks to see if this will allow you to block off a portion of your Canary’s view that consistently sends unnecessary notifications (ie. curatins, kitten’s path, etc.). This will also allow you to keep your sensitivity at a higher setting to prevent delays in motion reaching a higher threshold. Keep in mind that this will prevent some motion from being recorded.

I hope this helps clear things up, but if not don’t hesitate to ask more questions and I’ll be happy to answer them!


Thanks, Sean. I will test your recommendations and see if that clears up my problem. I guess I’m still having a hard time understanding how the sensitivity to detection of motion/activity has any impact on the immediacy with which a notification is sent. My Canary system waiting until all motion has ceased before it finally sends out a notification seems very wrong.

Canary Flex firmware 2.3.0 release notes

I have exactly the same problem. I have also tested myself and notifications only come through minutes - sometimes 15 mins after I have done a walk through in front of the camera and then left the room. This has left the Canary camera a useless piece of equipment. This should not be a problem and I have spoken to a helpful person in their help section, but all they could suggest was I rebooted my system and App, I did this but there was no help. Another issue I have is even connecting to the camera via the app when i do get a notification. I feel really let down by Canary’s service.


Hey Jay,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing these issues, I’d be happy to help resolve them.

When you experienced the delay in notifications, was the sensitivity setting raised all the way to the top? If not, this will cause the Canary to not send a notification until the specified motion threshold has been reached.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Canary will record motion in 10 minute clips. So if one event is triggered and sends a notification for movement, another notification will not be sent until 10 minutes after the previous event started. To help clarify this further, if there is an hour worth of motion in front of your Canary, you will receive six notifications and six separate video clips all spaced out by ten minutes (assuming your motion threshold is being reached at the very beginning of each clip).

In regards to having issues with connecting to your Canary via the app, there are a wide range of issues that could be causing this. If you would like to discuss specifics about your account, please submit a ticket and one of our Customer Experience Advocates will be able to further assist.


I have the same problem. Since I’ve had this (almost a year) it takes forever to send a notification. I keep the sensitivity set to maximum - surely from the first sign of movement a notification should be sent within 10 seconds at most if not less.

Very disappointed with this. It tends to take several minutes to come through (and that’s being kind). By then it’s practically pointless in most cases.

As previously said by another canary customer, this is basic stuff for a security camera surely…

UPDATE: I went into the room twice breifly (within the cameras view and no masks are set) and over 6 minutes have passed and still no notification. I don’t think I’ll even get one. This is terrible

UPDATE 2: I have received a notification after 8 minutes


Hi, thanks for the reply Sean. I do have the sensitivity set to maximum but it still takes anything between 5 - 15 mins for a notification to come through. Which understandably, makes the camera useless.

The not sending another notification till 10 mins since the last one makes sense, but the first notification is not coming through till a long time after i’ve set it off.


What was the result of the ticket? Anyone?


Simply, I bought canary flex for peace of mind not to loss my time in weekend searching online for solutions for delay of notifications.
I reviewed and followed all steps on the help pages on canary website but the issue still going on.
Please advice.


I see this obviously is not an issue that they want to fix if it was occurring last year and still to this day is still a problem


You know what I did a little more research and I do not believe this is the case. I believe the Canary team is working on key enhancements to stabilize and enhance this product. I was definitely of the same mind prior to digging a little deeper as aa dissatisfied customer but was surprised to hear about some of the changes that are in the pipeline.