Significant (and possibly dangerous) delays in activity notifications!


Do you work for Canary??? Cause this subject was posted a year ago and I purchased one a few months ago not knowing this and mine is doing the same thing as the op. So obviously they aren’t concerned. I have another cam by Foscam that within seconds of it detecting motion a notification is sent. I am going back to it as my primary cam and selling this garbage


Also what good is paying for talk back if the person is gone? You don’t get the notification that someone is at the door until 3-5 minutes later. So much for telling fedex to leave the package at the door because you won’t even know he was there till he is long gone


Glad i had a read through the forum one last time. Linking my post below. I have had a Flex and AIO for a year on full subscription and this time delay has always been there… through tests, re-sets, firmware updates, app updates etc.

Im done, subscription cancelled! Lesson learned.

Sorry Canary, i was really rooting for you guys against the competition.

— Anyone in the UK want to buy a carefully looked after AIO and Flex, both in black and white, ping me :wink: