Significant (and possibly dangerous) delays in activity notifications!

Do you work for Canary??? Cause this subject was posted a year ago and I purchased one a few months ago not knowing this and mine is doing the same thing as the op. So obviously they aren’t concerned. I have another cam by Foscam that within seconds of it detecting motion a notification is sent. I am going back to it as my primary cam and selling this garbage

Also what good is paying for talk back if the person is gone? You don’t get the notification that someone is at the door until 3-5 minutes later. So much for telling fedex to leave the package at the door because you won’t even know he was there till he is long gone

Glad i had a read through the forum one last time. Linking my post below. I have had a Flex and AIO for a year on full subscription and this time delay has always been there… through tests, re-sets, firmware updates, app updates etc.

Im done, subscription cancelled! Lesson learned.

Sorry Canary, i was really rooting for you guys against the competition.

— Anyone in the UK want to buy a carefully looked after AIO and Flex, both in black and white, ping me :wink:

I have exactly the same issue. I have both a basic D-link camera (DCS-932L) which sends me alerts the second someone enters the room, and a canary which usually misses the first time someone enters a room completely and instead sends me an alert (if I’m lucky) showing them moving in the room many minutes later.

This is totally useless as a security device because of these delays, and the links above to changing sensitivity no longer seem to work as this feature appears to have been removed from the app(?)

It is very disturbing that this is still an issue… I to have been experiencing significant delays. I have rebooted devices, logged in and out, changed sensitivity, have no mask setup and still do not receive notifications until minutes later. Canary, I want to like the product and not feel like I have wasted hundreds of dollars but you have left us all in a potentially dangerous position. No wonder not all insurance companies are accepting you as a legitimate monitoring system. Wasted investment, wasted time and waste of monthly payments… very disappointed.

I am seeing the same issues, Just purchased this Canary All-In-One from Verizon, was significantly discounted (now I see why…)

I have completely turned off notifications as they are useless if they do not come immediately. My notices sometimes take up to 15 minutes to get to me, if they ever do. Is there something coming in the form an an app update or a firmware update that will fix this? If not, I am returning my camera to Verizon for a refund. I like the camera and the interface, but if it does not notify quickly, then it is useless.

has anything been done to resolve this issue? I, too, have missing or significantly delayed notifications (sometimes several minutes).

I have been having the same issue. Unfortunately I think I’m going to pony up and pay for some additional RING cameras as I haven’t had any issues with their service (use RING for outside). A shame too, as I have invested in six Canary cameras over the years.

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This is absurd. I would like to hear from current Canary management on the current status of this issue, including an ETA for resolution. This is a fixable problem.
I just tested this. My AIO is online and in Away mode and recording all motion —supposedly—. I rolled in front of the camera about 40 minutes ago and have received no alerts. I did receive an alert that the temperature is abnormal a second ago. Temperature monitoring is nice but intruder alerts are more important.

I’ve officially given up. Grabbed some RING cams on Prime day and got them set up this week. Shocker, they work perfectly. Will be cancelling my Canary subscription shortly.

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While I want to remain hopeful, it is clear that the promises of Canary performance simply never materialized. I have 2 AIO in 2 locations, 4 AIO total. I have never seen anything better than a 10 sec lag on watch live, more often 15 sec or better, and that is on fast internet. Notifications are slow, delayed and rarely catch all of the activity. I have never seen a 10 minute clip with all of activity. Home Health data, including temp, reporting has gotten better but is often delayed 12 or more hours until refreshed in my app. And the issue of the nighttime “red eye” of night vision. I’ve tried to look beyond and it is clear to me that this product has little future. it is too bad because the unobtrusive design is excellent. I just wish the hardware/software lived up to the hype.

Notifications sent from the Flex cameras don’t seem to send until after the event has ended, or at least well after it started. Someone is in my driveway? Well, they were 3 minutes ago, and already left. I understand that the clip may not be processed/ready to view, but even immediate notification and the ability to view live would be great. This would be even more useful if Flex’s live view didn’t have up to a 30 second lag at times.

Hey @phantom42, thanks for your message! Generally speaking this is not expected behavior. I am merging your topic with an existing topic on this topic.

I would encourage you to check out @angie’s post there, I have quoted it below.

Over the past few days, I’ve tried different combinations of enabling small or large masks, or removing the masks entirely on the Flex camera. Right now, the Flex has no mask, and is set to long range. It is plugged into a power source, and has a “medium” wifi signal on a 2.4ghz band. For the actions taken below, I’ve been checking both my iOS app and the website, and the recorded events match in all instances.

I’ve been looking out the window that the Flex shares a view with and been watching people in the view standing and working for the past 15 minutes with no events registering in Canary, and no notification being sent.

For kicks, during this time, I also walked into the living room, which is covered by an All-In-One, which usually works much more reliably than the Flex. While I did not expect to get any notification (correct behavior), I did expect to see an event recorded in the Canary app. It was not until the event also finally showed up from the Flex that this one did - about 10 minutes after the actual motion.

Earlier this morning, I had the system set to long range and one mask on the same Flex - blocking out the neighbors driveway/yard, as I would like the system to work ideally. A person came into view of the Flex and to my door. I did not receive a notification for 3 minutes.

…all this just shows, that canary is not able to make the most basic feature of a security cam work… I’m ecountering time delays since many months. Even under subscription the handling wasn’t better…
My conclusion: Leave the sinking ship, folks - and move over to the netgear arlo ecosystem. Canary seems dead even though they claim to be alive.

Geofencing is completely broken since Sunday. Doesn’t register when you come or go. Support doesn’t respond. The status page says there is a “Minor Outage” Who is running development here? Last company I saw this behavior from was Wink and they are pretty much out of business now.

Geo fencing also broken for me. And I can’t change my status to home

and is returning error 503

This is happening for me as well. It’s almost exactly a 2 minute delay. The notification definitely does not “send” when it says it did in the app. This needs to be fixed ASAP!