Simpler way to change between "Set Private" and "Record Video"


Many times during the day I like to take a sneak peek at my house even when other family members are inside. This means that the camera is in private mode for obvious reasons and I have to click through 3 menu settings to set it to “Record Video” and then be able to “Watch Live” plus when I finish watching I have to turn it back to Private the same way.

I Would really love for this change to be able to happen with just a simple swipe or a shortcut button on the interface.


Hey @Anemovatis,

I think this fast-mode switching may already exist but be hidden for you. Take a look at this post. Do you see that icon on the bottom left of your screen when you launch the app?

If so, just tap it and set it to a mode that you have previously set to record and not be private and you’ll be able to easily take a look at what is going on.

Does that work for you?


I agree with the original request. I would love to have a simple “Record” button on the home screen. Also, I read through the post that Zev linked, and I don’t see anything useful on how to enable a fast recording option.



“this post” doesn’t exist.