Siren for outdoor Flex


Can the siren feature be added to Flex? Right now there is no way to scare away unwanted trespassers.


Hi @mjsuszan,

Thanks for your feedback! We’re not planning to add a siren to the Canary Flex right now, but I’ll definitely note your feedback. You can sound the siren on any Canary All-in-One units in your home from your Canary Flex. We also intend to add a two-way audio feature to Canary Flex in the future which would let you speak through the device. Do you think that would address your concerns, or are there other situations where you think a siren would be necessary?


I have sounded the siren from my All-in-One units when someone has been detected outside the house. The siren is not loud enough to be heard well from outdoors. I am aware of the two-way audio feature to be activated in the future. I still see an advantage to having a siren. It is quickly activated and would scare a trespasser without the need to try and engage them in conversation. They would know instantly that they had triggered an alarm, were detected and may think authorities had been notified.