Siri Integration with iOS and Android App


Siri Integration with Canary App Feature Request

Hey Canary Team!

I am writing today to request for the addition of Siri integration into the Canary iOS Apps. This feature would allow any user on iOS (or Android) to bypass entering the Canary App and control their Canary device with their voice.


Hey Siri…

  • Turn Privacy Mode on at “Home”
  • Turn Privacy Mode on all my Canary devices
  • Sound alarm at “Home”
  • Disable Away Mode on My Canary
  • I’m “Home” Canary
  • When was the last motion detected by Canary?
  • Is there motion detected at “Home”?
  • Ask Canary what the temperature/humidity/air quality is at home
  • Ask Canary for the status of my cameras
  • Is my Canary Flex battery full?
  • Etc…

This could also be converted for use with Android as well.

The one requirement I would ask be added is that if a passcode/TouchID is enabled, that Siri would ask the user for that before changing any modes or giving any information out on a locked device.