Smarthings Integration

Hey @Alex,

Thanks for your feedback! We’re really interested in hearing from our customers what kind of integrations they’re looking for so we can make sure to focus our energies in the right place. Is there something you really love about how Arlo Pro works with Smartthings that you’d like to see us implement? Are there any services other than Smartthings you want to see us work with?

If you’re having trouble with your cameras not working reliably, I’d definitely recommend submitting a ticket to our support team. We can often provide suggestions for troubleshooting that might resolve the problems you’re having.

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I’d like to second this request. I would especially like to subscribe to a motion event and have control over turning the alarm on and off. This would allow the Canary to complete a much better security system by writing a SmartThings SmartApp along the lines of “If I’m away and the door opens and the Canary detects motion then sound the alarm and turn the lights on”

The wink integration is fun and all, but all you can do is mode changes, and that’s pretty useless, since Canary does a great job of that all by itself (actually better than many other products). It can’t turn on the lights though, and many of us have zero interest in Apple HomeKit.

More generally, we need API access. I (or many others) would be happy to write the SmartApp if there was an API.


Since Canary doesn’t have an automatic alarm, I have Smartthings connected to window sensors, Hue bulbs, and a Sonos. It’d be great to get rid of the window sensors and instead rely on Canary’s motion detection to trip the alarm and turn on my Hues.

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I would also like to see more integration supported for Canary devices. I currently use an abode alarm system ( that has integration capabilities with IFTTT/Nest/Alexa… however would love the possibility of Canary being on the list. I understand that there were certain loops and bounds that would need to take place for such integration, however, in thinking, it would be nice to have all my security devices available to monitor in one place.

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I completely agree that Canary should have a public API that third parties can integrate with. If this existed then there could be an IFTTT channel, and device handlers for Smart Things.

Canary is great, but the Internet of Things is all about having connected devices talking open standards that mean you aren’t locked into a single platform. The possibilities for what can be created through combining a few different sensors and rules is huge.

I have Smart Things and Tado and both are very open and easy to integrate - I suspect more and more people will choose an alternative to Canary that provides an open API given the choice.


An Open API would be amazing!

I have created a virtual switch in my Samsung SmartThings Hub. I’ve been able to use IFTTT to respond to the virtual switch being turned on or off, which I use to trigger a Wink (ios App) shortcut to turn the Canary on and off.

It’s certainly not fast, but it does work.

I can now also toggle the Canary via Alexa.

I’d love a SmartThings integration here, and ideally, perhaps even a Philips Hue integration so that it can double as a sensor.

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Please, add smartthings/Wink API integration. Having an alarm system with superior hardware to Arlo and Nest, but VASTLY inferior features is frustration at its worst.

Please add integration with these platforms including air sensors, alarm, motion/sound detection, and streaming video. Adding these would make me fight as hard FOR Canary as I want to.

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IFTTT and Smartthings integration seem like a must these days. I would love to have this option. For example I have ARLO cameras outside, and I would love for them to be able to trigger the recording of my Canary. For instance, motion detected on front porch camera, start canary recording, and turn on hue lights. It seems difficult for one company to think of all possible uses, but thats where the community of IFTTT and Smartthings is huge.

Arlo cameras were going back till IFTTT and Smartthings intergration. Now they are awesome.

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Surely, having an IFTTT and SmartThings is essential today and security cameras like Arlo Pro and Nest Cam win big by having these integrations.

So it’ll be really nice for us, loyal Canary users, to have access to such great third-party products.

Has any progress been made? I would love to see direct integration with SmartThings.

Or is this why they are being marked down at Lowes and Walmart. Good way to pick one up cheap, but if it doesnt provide the level of support as the competition, it wont end well.

I agree, When releasing any kind of IoT device, it should be released with compatibility for zwave, zigbee which includes SmartThings. As well as Google home and Alexa integration. These should be givens.

I have the canary aio’s. 2 of them. I would like to be able to have a smartapp or custom device handler integration that reports on all device info - i.e. online(offline), air quality, temp, humidity, and motion(with SHM). Also if possible with the speaker make it show as one and use it for TTS. Or at least an open API so the smart people in the smartthings community can make one for you. Video would be a nice add as well but if all the other things are there I would get it use it as another device in the eco system of smart devices in my home. My nest products integrate, my foobot integrates, my rainmachine integrates, I have over 150 devices in my smarthome that all work together except the canary’s. They do not want to play with others…

The Canary’s are the lonesome straggler that are about to be replaced with some monoprice 4in1 sensors. Along with a couple of nest cams and then I will have everything they can do integrated. Over a 3 year period probably cost the same or close if I did a true TCO with subscriptions with a much better ROI because of their integration points into this ecosystem.

Come on canary don’t loose a customer.


I can appreciate that you are trying to help by answering questions, but in a few of these threads I have seen you ask the following:

There is really only one correct answer to this. The Canary team needs to focus their energy on making an open API. You guys are struggling to keep up, I get it. Stop trying to go at it alone. You have customers that are willing to create these integrations for you for FREE. It’s almost 2018…having a product in the smart home / home automation space that doesn’t offer a public API is 100% a deal breaker. Many of these threads go back a year, or even more. I know I have held off on giving you any more of my money until I see the API, and all it takes is a look at this community to know that I am not alone.

Not a personal attack at you Angie, just a statement towards Canary’s priorities, or lack thereof.

C’mon man!


I would love to have SmartThings integration. When a door opens, it would be cool to have the camera to record.

I have a feeling this will never happen. They generate revenue on their cloud recording. If you open this up it means no one looking for this (with a bit of tech savvy) would pay when they could stream, store, and record on their own. The same would apply for companies like Ring. (Which I do subscribe to because it’s a mere $3 a month)

My suggestion… open up a subscription based feed that grants you access for an affordable price (keep it in line with Ring. The return on higher subscribers/low fee is better than the high fee/lower subscribers.) Just my 2 cents. I know I’d pay. Toss that feed into ActionTiles… yes please.

You might be correct that they don’t provide an API because they feel it will compete with their subscription service. If that’s really the case, they could provide different levels of API access for subscribers (full access with video streaming) or non-subscribers (temp, humidity, motion notification, presence notification, alarm control).

I’m not saying that after waiting 1 year that would be enough to convince me to make my next camera a Canary, but at least it would put them on the shortlist.

Yes please add samsung smart things support. That would make my canary cameras even better.

To add to the specifics here:

  • I want my Canary cameras motion detection to trigger SmartThings events; like turning on specific lights, or sending push and SMS notifications
  • I would also like to see my Canary cameras in an ActionTiles panel.


I’ve done that by integrating Wink and IFTTT. I don’t own a Wink hub but the Wink app allows you to add and access the Canary.

What I do is use a Smartthings button near my front door. Depending on what I do with that button, (press, double-press, long press) it will activate Canary Away or Home Mode. When I activate Away Mode, Alexa announces “Alarm is Activated”. When, I deactivate it with the button, Alexa announces that the “Alarm is off”.

Additionally, when the alarm is activated, I have a small led night light near the front door turn on and when I turn it off, the light turns off. It’s a good way to see the Canary status right at my front door.

I found the details of how to set it up by Googling “SmartThings Canary” and using the details I found on the SmartThings site.

This link should help.