Smarthings Integration

To add to the specifics here:

  • I want my Canary cameras motion detection to trigger SmartThings events; like turning on specific lights, or sending push and SMS notifications
  • I would also like to see my Canary cameras in an ActionTiles panel.


I’ve done that by integrating Wink and IFTTT. I don’t own a Wink hub but the Wink app allows you to add and access the Canary.

What I do is use a Smartthings button near my front door. Depending on what I do with that button, (press, double-press, long press) it will activate Canary Away or Home Mode. When I activate Away Mode, Alexa announces “Alarm is Activated”. When, I deactivate it with the button, Alexa announces that the “Alarm is off”.

Additionally, when the alarm is activated, I have a small led night light near the front door turn on and when I turn it off, the light turns off. It’s a good way to see the Canary status right at my front door.

I found the details of how to set it up by Googling “SmartThings Canary” and using the details I found on the SmartThings site.

This link should help.

Because of the Wink move to a subscription revenue model, this solution stopped working last week.

I would also like some proper integration with mainstream IoT/automation services.
My automation was via SmartThings, IFTTT and Wink - it was clunky at best but now Wink is subscription only it is utterly unviable.

My premium subscription to Canary runs out later this year - I have no intention of renewing it unless some investment is added to their products and integration opportunities.

It works fine for arming/disarming via GeoFence but I want to camera to activate night mode when I got to bed. If I can’t do this, then it makes the camera fairly pointless.

The fact there the API has been cracked by numerous people on the internet means there is one - just publish the details and let developers build the necessary integrations. It really isn’t that difficult!