Solar Panel Charger for Canary Flex

The Flex needs a small solar panel that can be mounted and plugged into the Flex. Canary competitors like the ring have this technology and the Flex having it would make it a much more competitive option.

Right now my Flex works fine in the summer and spring when it’s warm but in the fall and especially the winter when it’s cold (it doesn’t even need to be that cold, think in the 40s or 30s) the Flex’s battery is awful. My Flex won’t even last 48 hours without needing another charge. This is crazy and requires a lot work to keep it charged all the time when battery only last this long.

I think a solar panel charger would be a simple and very effective way to combat this. I know the Flex FAQ mentions that the battery can’t charge below 32F but with a solar panel charger it should be able to start charging again, and turn back on automatically if the power dies, as soon as it became warm enough and the panel was in the sunlight. Ideally using a solar panel charger would also allow the Flex to use it’s “computer vision” to detect monition instead of the PIR sensor like when it’s plugged in, at least while the panel is in the sunlight.

I know there is already another post asking for this technology, but it is from 2016 and I haven’t been able to find any more information on this idea since that post. @Pete commented on the post saying

This is a really interesting idea! While I don’t have any plans to share, thanks for sharing the feedback.

so hopefully Canary has been secretly working on this the entire time!

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