Some general questions before purchase of multiple units


A first-time poster on the community. I’m an I.T. system administrator for a mid-sized church. We have a full-service daycare, and the administrator would like to install 30 canary flex cameras in our facility to observe room activity. Two per room.
I have three questions that hopefully either Canary Staff or a community member could answer for me.

  1. I see that the cameras stream live HD video to the iphone app. Any idea how much data would be uploaded by 30 of these running 24/7? Are they always streaming or only when the app is open? We have fiber internet dedicated connection, but I’m still leery of 30 cameras streaming HD at one time.

  2. It seems that the only way to view the feed is via the iPhone app. Is there a control panel to choose a particular camera, or do you have to scroll through the feeds one by one?

  3. I read that the cameras can be disabled through " privacy " mode.Does this have to be done one by one or could they all be disabled at once if needed?

Thank you for any help you can give me!


Hi @paulv,

We’d love to understand your use case a bit more and provide some guidance. I’m going to follow up and PM you.