Sound Sensor - alarm notifications


Would be a really useful feature to activate the camera and notifications using the inbuilt microphone, I’m thinking where you have a separate alarm it would hear the sounder and notify of an activation - adjustable sound range to alarm

Sound Activity Alerts

I’m a little confused about what you’re suggesting here, can you explain it again? Are you looking for a Siri like feature to be added?


No I mean if canary hears something it alerts and starts to record


That’s already built into the app. It can detect motion and notify you!


Not motion - sound - it hears a noise with detectable sensitivity and such alerts and starts recording

Does it hear sound and uses it to alarm ??


Sound detection would be a valuable feature. Our vacation home has an audible alarm on the holding tank and in the basement sump pump pit. My Canary won’t alert me if either of these alarms goes off but it does hear the alarms when I log in manuallyto view the camera live. It would be great if the Canary would alert on sound. I also have the Canary and the internet router/modem plugged into a UPS with an emergency flashlight plugged in near the Canary so if the power goes out, the flashlight goes on and the Canary will alert me to “motion” when it sees the light from the emergency light.


@86nine51S That’s a cool idea. I’m definitely going to try that!


I would love it if the Canary could send you an alert if it detected a sound in the home.

Before I had a Canary, I owned a Nest Cam and put it in my living room. One day someone broke into my house through a window in my bedroom. The only reason I was alerted was because my home security alarm went off and the Nest Cam alerted me of the sound.

Please consider adding this feature.


Being able to set the noise threshhold above which Canary starts to record and sends a notification would be a nice addition. It then also acts like glass breaking sensors that respond to sharp sounds of breaking glass that some alarm systems have.


Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions! Don’t forget to :heart: the original post to show your interest in this feature :slight_smile:


I would love a sound sensor activation! It would be very useful for me to have my Canary AIOs start recording and send me a notification whenever it hears a loud noise such as the doorbell ringing, the dogs barking, or any loud/sharp noise such as something banging/breaking/dropping.

Along with that, it would be nice to have an option in the settings to tell the Canary the duration of video recording once an audio event has trigger activation. I don’t know the current default duration of recording when a motion event triggers activation, but it would be nice to be able to set the duration in the settings options. For example, if the doorbell triggers activation, I would like to have Canary record for one or two minutes by default, even if there is no motion. You know, just to be able to review the video later and make sure there wasn’t something going on such as a ne’er-do-well casing my house!


My D-link camera’s do this. I have a few of them and I can set the threshold for sound and they left me know in the alert if it is a sound alert or a motion alert


I need this!

This feature should be a quite easy to implement.


This feature world be really useful, as I want to use my canary as a baby monitor.


Combining dB and frequency in a setting could make this specific for breaking glass or cracking wood?