Split screen option to view Watch Live for several cameras at once


I have 2 canary flex cameras and 1 phone it seems I cannot detect activity from both cameras at the same time so far I have to slide my screen to go to the other camera then wait for that camera to ( wake up ) activate it looks like I have to buy a phone for each camera then subscribe to each

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Hi @Lynda,

Just to clarify, are you looking for some kind of split screen option that would let you view multiple feeds on your phone at once? We don’t currently have a way to do this, but that is an interesting idea. I’m going to move your post over to the Feature Requests board so others can comment on it.


2 things first thank you for the quick response but yes some kind of split
screen its ridiculous that it is even an issue it should be sold like that
or with that option also it is limited to just a phone it can’t be added to
a laptop tablet or monitor… Also why offer a subscription package of
multiple cameras if viewing multiple cameras isn’t possible I’m going to
buy another phone because I already paid for the second camera but now I
might have to pay 2 subscriptions separately $$$$$$$


Hi @Lynda,

You can easily switch between the Watch Live feed on the two cameras by swiping left and right. If you need to be able to view both simultaneously, this is possible without purchasing an additional subscription. All you need to do is log into the Canary app using your same account credentials on another device, and you will be able to pull up the other Canary on the second device so you can view both at the same time. Hope that helps!


Lol tyvm just in time.


I still would love to see split screen options for multi-camera setups. I had suggested this for the TvOS app: Canary TvOS App and other have asked for it as well: Plans for Web App?

Would definitely be game for this! :slight_smile:


I would love to see split screen options for multi-camera. A lot of app can do that, so why Canary don’t do it.
When I am away of my home and I want to have a quick view of what is happening in my house, that kind if view is very useful.


Could this also be considered for live view when accessing via a PC/Mac?


I have 4 cameras and it would be nice to at least view 2 at a time, but if the system supports having 4 cameras, why not allow customers to view all 4 cameras at once? Split screen would be a very handy addition to the app, this would be esp convenient for the web view since laptops and computers have bigger screens.



I would love a new feature where you can live view all of your canary devices at the same time on the same page.
Now it’s only possible to select one view at a time.


I have merged your suggestion with a previous suggestion for this on the other platforms.


Hi VandeVoskamp,

If you are logged into the desktop app you can open a new window. CTRL + N (on Chrome) paste the URL https://my.canary.is/ and launch a second instance of the desktop app. You can simultaneously view as many feeds and locations as you have. I’ve attached an example of mine taking advantage of multiple monitors.You can do multiple views on just one as well as long as your windows are not full screen.




It would be great to possible have this so you could view all the “active” cameras at once. How I’d like to see it implemented is that I could have a computer running with a connected screen to view all the “active” cameras streams at once similar to how more basic CCTV DVR systems work.


When will we get an upgrade to the app so we can see multiple cameras on one page?

I have 3-4 cameras and flicking between them is very cumbersome, page by page. Others apps let you see snapshots of all cameras on one page and even play them.


I have moved your topic into an existing post on this topic.


Thanks. Just look at Arlo who are there already and Ring will do this soon per their roadmap.


A feature request I would personally love to have with this system is the ability to view multiple cameras in a single browser window instead of having to have several open to view live events. The option to choose which cameras to view together would be beneficial so I could view people in my pool and the front entrance of my home in the same screen.


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Yes viewing multiple camera on one screen would be useful…I have multiple homes/farm/office, my account has total of 12 cameras and more to be installed. It is cumbersome to swipe back and forth and get out and select different locations…


This is a great request, especially now that you can watch the cameras on FireTVs as well. I’d love to be able to have them all up on my tv