Split screen option to view Watch Live for several cameras at once


Multi Screen View for Non-Phone Device such as our computers, or facebook, Amazon, google new stand alone screens.

I have 3 cameras now and no ability to actually watch them without adding more browser windows. Works a little, but that SCREEN “Are you still watching” thing is the worst thing in the world. Delete please or how about asking a time to stop.


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Could not agree more with the multiple live feeds at once would be amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Please canary if I could do that from the app I would definitely buy atleast 3 more flexs
:pray: please and thank you :blush:
Shyler B Riley


Hey everyone,

Thanks for continuing to vote on the feature requests you all would like to see the most. While we haven’t been very responsive recently on Community (something we’re looking to get better at) I can promise that we continue to review comments and feedback that has been left here, and use the feature requests section for when making decisions moving forward.

Thanks for being great Canary customers and keep the feedback and requests coming!

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