Stolen camera and feedback of some flaws

So I one of my cameras was stolen. We have a video of someone noticing it and grabbing it and sees it’s a camera then sets it back…30 minutes later it goes offline and and I don’t even notice it’s gone for 24 hours. Well what do we do is someone takes out device? And another thing there is no video of them coming up to grab it. I’m assuming there was but they managed to get u uh the account and delete footage s which is why I think we the owner of the devices and administrative executive officer of my household I think that when someone deletes videos they automatically get sent to an Admin, like myself, files for later viewing.

Hi @SeaSir,

I would recommend you reach out to Canary directly, you seem to have a fairly specific case to address.

In terms of account access, the individual would need to have accessed your username and password. Assuming this information is not something you shared with this person, it is more likely that what occurred was that the camera was unplugged prior to completion of the video upload. The offline notifications are not immediate, so would not represent an accurate timestamp for when the device was unplugged. If you do believe your account information was accessed, then please take a chance to increase your security by changing your password.

I would also recommend that you do not give access to your Canary account to anyone that you do not trust. For more information on managing users: