Suction Mount for Canary Flex


I wanted to take a moment and share the way that I use my Canary Flex in hopes that this may be something that others can benefit from.

I purchased my Canary flex with the standard magnetic mount. Unfortunately, my building is made out of brick and drilling into that would have caused problems for my landlord. So, I tried to think up another solution. I finally came up with a solution and it has been successful for quite some time now, so I figured I would share it.

I use the mount from the third floor of a building, the result of that is the normal magnetic mount didn’t actually give me the view I wanted from my device. Instead I used the mount on the base of the device to attach it to a camera “Hood Mount” suction cup. This gave me additional range of motion and allowed me to mount it to my window rather than to the building it self. I also used some rope to secure it as a safety precaution, but I am happy to say that despite changing temperatures, wind, and rain, there have been no problems.

I highly suggest it for others, and I hope Canary eventually gives us an option to purchase the Flex with this type of mount.


Using the Flex outside

Love it @Zev!