[suggestion] custom alarm sound for canary notifications


I find the canary alarms notifications not “fit for the purpose” of a security alarm, i.e. it is not loud or long enough. Would it be possible to configure the App (on Android at least) to have a custom ringtone/alarm which sounds more like a traditional alarm to garner one’s attention more easily? I do understand that it appears the Android app uses the default tone, which is more suited e.g. for when you have an incoming email, but not for a security notification.

Also, I understand the notification for alarm movement is sent to a mobile device when the actual video is uploaded to the Canary Cloud and it is available to view on one’s mobile device. I would suggest that in order to minimize the time between when the motion is detected and is available on the Canary Cloud, to have an option “alert on motion”, i.e. an alert that motion is detected as soon as this is detected by the Canary Device and then when you open the alert, the user waits for the video to be uploaded.


Thanks for the feedback @ygdy.

We understand a custom alert would help cut through the noise of the default notification sound, and we’re currently investigating a solution.

Regarding the “alert on motion,” I’m happy to pass this feedback along to the team. In the meantime, would you mind creating this as a standalone request? Just so we can accurately gauge the community’s reception to each of these topics individually.


@ygdy Just to follow up, we just released the option to set a custom notification sound in the most recent app update, released today.


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Feature has been added so I’m closing the thread.