Suspend Night mode


Hello, I have 2 Canary’s one in the living room and the other in the bed room and I have night mode set to come on around 11:45pm this way after watching the news they’ll activate while I’m getting ready for bed. The problem or feature I’m inquiring about would suspend night mode because sometimes I stay up later than 1145 but when I switch Night mode off and put it in Homo mode it seems that it switches back on automatically. Is there something I need to do or is this something a future update will have?


Hey @DamianK,

This is not the expected behavior. If you change your mode back to Home mode after Night mode was scheduled to start it should remain in Home mode until you change it again. We will need to investigate what’s going on here.




Thanks for the reply and also looking into this issue as I said some times I’ll stay up late and getting all those move responses are annoying. So I look forward to what is causing this to happen.

Damian Kulczynski