Switch to turn on/off night vision

Following multiple thefts from my car, last month I bought a canary view to watch out behind my house into my well lit driveway. That is to say… I am going to have to buy a different camera to do that.

The solution just seems… so… simple

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Can someone tell me the reason we pay a fee for pro canary features when they are useless and extremely limited!? I just setup my canary pro tonight and the night vision IR glare makes my motion detection useless. I had a amcrest pro HD and it had night vision and microphone options with a ptz feature for no cost. Sadly I sold it . Any way to turn off night vision of canary pro or hack it?

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I agree with all the users above. I am going to send mine back due to the inability to turn the IR off. I wanted to point it out of a window but as above, the glare makes it useless.
I’ve been using the camera to monitor our living room and I’m impressed. The camera itself is fab and I can’t fault it but at the moment it’s not fit purpose…my purpose anyway!

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I can’t believe this hasn’t become a feature yet?!? Please canary this feature is a 5 minute code


Another vote here to disable the infrared through the app, sounds like a simple bit of coding and you make a lot of people happy with your product.

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I’ve been waiting for 2 years for them to simply add this feature so I could make my older canary work at night when it’s pointed out the window. I finally purchased a Canary Flex for out front, but I still wanted to make the canary work through a window out back.

So I decided enough is enough - if they won’t give me a software fix - I’ll do the hardware fix and here are my instructions.

  1. Unplug the canary
  2. Pry the little rubber 3/4 circle ring on the bottom off - this was the most difficult part of the whole operation I think. Pry in the middle back using a tiny flat head screwdriver.
  3. One the ring is removed you’ll see 4 little screws underneath it, remove these.
  4. Now you can remove the base unit, I had to use the screwdriver gently around the openings to get it started and it took some jiggling to get it loose but you’ll see the ethernet and power connector start to move upwards through the holes in the back and you’ll get some small separation between the front lens panel and the bottom piece.
  5. Once loose it should slide out the bottom - but it does have a ribbon cable connecting it to the camera/IR unit.
  6. After removing the base (you can unplug the ribbon cable if you want but it’s hard to do so best to just be careful) pry off the front square cover that runs the length of the front of the unit (it’s the cover over the camera, it should pop off - it’s connected by some sticky glue/tape).
  7. Once the lens cover is off you’ll see 4 screw (there’s actually 6 but I’ll explain the other 2 in a minute). Remove the 4 screws.
  8. Now the camera/IR unit should be a little loose - there are 2 more screws up underneath the top panel where is curls down the front and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out a way to get to these without prying up the top piece corners (I thought it would pop loose but it didn’t so I caused a little cosmetic damage to get to the last two screws, nothing serious). You may be able to do the next step without removing those two screws so read on.
  9. Now that you can see the camera lens and the IR lights, peek inside in the area between the top and bottom IR lights along the side and you’ll see a little white connector with a red and black wire going to it - this is the power for the IR lights. I was able to push down slightly on the lower end of the camera/IR unit where it was loose (towards the bottom) and it gave me enough room to unplug this tiny white plug using a tiny pair of needle nose pliers. You could probably do it with a small flathead screwdriver as well.
  10. I reassembled everything and now my IR lights are disabled. The unit still switches into night mode as the sensor is still working…however that’s actually a good thing as I can now hook up a IR spotlight outside and the camera inside will see it.

So end result is I can now see through my window perfectly at night with my porch lights outside and if I want to I can even set up IR lights outside and see even better into the dark yard.

I positioned the little white plug so it isn’t touching anything when I closed the unit back up just to be sure it wouldn’t short anything out if it touched something by accident, pretty unlikely as those little plugs aren’t very exposed anyways.

Took me 15 minutes - really wish they would just do the software option. I guess if they ever do I can return my unit to normal again by just plugging the IR plug back in.

Anyway hope this is helpful…voids your warranty I’m sure, but mine is 3 years old.

Canary - I love your products, they’ve been working beautiful for years, just wish you would have listened on this one feature.


Having the ability to manually turn off night vision in settings is a no brainer. Having my canary flex in a window to look outside at night is pointless because the IR is being reflected by the window making the camera unusable.

This feature should be added ASAP.


This would be a great feature to have as the flex can then be used from behind a window without any issues at night. Installing a canary flex outside the front of my home is not an option however monitoring through a window would be great especially with external lighting at night… Please implement this option to turn off night vision Canary.

I have looked into purchasing the logitech circle 2 camera and window mount as an alternative. However as I have already own canary devices I would prefer to use a flex device behind a window. Thank you.


All very good and well said, but…please just fix the issue.


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any update on this?

Wow! This thread is nearing its 2 years mark, while I can’t even believe its been 2+ years I have been relying on Canary for my home security. Does that make me loyal customer? Nevertheless this thread continues to wonder around with no feedback or correspondence from Canary team. This is sad and quite frankly disappointing.

Code change will take minutes, but it’s more about company priorities, roadmap and accountability towards its consumers who are investing their precious fortune in Canary. As everyone else on this thread, still expecting to hear back something positive from Canary.


I also would like information on turning off the night IR,

Just joined this thread… has the issue of manual night vision even been acknowledged by Canary?

Still no update on this?

I’m only here to vote. I really need this feature fixed. I use my canary in a window by my front door. I was able to catch a package thief during the day, but I couldn’t catch the guy stealing light bulbs or solar lights at night because all I get at night is window glare. Please fix this Canary! I ended up buying a Wyze camera to watch over my front yard that let’s me turn off the IR lights and it’s significantly cheaper. I can’t use outside cameras since the night time thieves who have been stealing lightbulbs and solar lights also take people’s cameras. Thank you in advance for your time.

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I live in an apartment and can’t install outdoor cameras. Not being able to turn off nightmode has made both my flex canaries effectively useless. I bought them because someone keeps breaking into cars in our very well lit parking lot but all I can see at night is this stupid window glare. Returning them. If this problem has been ignored this long they aren’t going to fix it.

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Seems like all these feature requests are stalling/ignored. Might be time to switch!


This really is a bummer, I also need this feature. The Flex is just unable to switch reliably.
Is anyone from the dev team watching this thread?

Just got this cam and it’s a shame they haven’t addressed the problem of manually turning off the IR with two years worth of thread and people requesting it. Also the lack of response from Canary is pretty bad. I’ve been able to turn off the IR on my Nest Cam since I bought it four years ago. Since Canary doesn’t want to address the problem or customers concerns, I’ll just return it and get my money back! Thanks Canary!

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I just received my Canary last week, I am returning it this week and cancelling my membership because of this issue. I’ll be happy to join Canary again when they address this issue. Going on 3 years of complaints now…