Switch to turn on/off night vision


This would be a great feature to have as the flex can then be used from behind a window without any issues at night. Installing a canary flex outside the front of my home is not an option however monitoring through a window would be great especially with external lighting at night… Please implement this option to turn off night vision Canary.

I have looked into purchasing the logitech circle 2 camera and window mount as an alternative. However as I have already own canary devices I would prefer to use a flex device behind a window. Thank you.


All very good and well said, but…please just fix the issue.



any update on this?


Wow! This thread is nearing its 2 years mark, while I can’t even believe its been 2+ years I have been relying on Canary for my home security. Does that make me loyal customer? Nevertheless this thread continues to wonder around with no feedback or correspondence from Canary team. This is sad and quite frankly disappointing.

Code change will take minutes, but it’s more about company priorities, roadmap and accountability towards its consumers who are investing their precious fortune in Canary. As everyone else on this thread, still expecting to hear back something positive from Canary.


I also would like information on turning off the night IR,