Synced camera activation


I would love a feature where if one camera is activated, the others do. This would be especially helpful if you are running a flex in battery mode, this may eliminate the delay in coming out of sleep mode after it detects movement. When this happens, you miss the movement if they go by too quickly.


Huh! That’s a good idea to do that. Do you think that even if a user has 3+ cameras set up that they should ALL be linked? Or would it be better to just link the cameras you would want to trigger together?


Well for my purposes, I’d like them all to remain on until there is no movement, but I suppose some folks might just want to link some. Of course, I only have 2, an original model inside and a flex outside. The delay with the flex waking from battery mode is a pain because I get a shot of the person walking out of the frame, if it was already armed, that would not happen, but running off battery is my only logistical option.


This is a really good idea and I’m sure there is no technology restriction to being able to do this. Generally from a security perspective, it is common sense that there should be a configuration allowed so that if 1 sensor is activated, all cameras should have the option to start recording based on that trigger. Therefore you have a holistic view of the event.